HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Mmmm... housework

Man.. the cat's litter was bad today. I wonder if that's why he's been so cranky today? Doubt it, though...

I need to do some cooking either today or tomorrow. I feel like my sense of time is really slipping. I keep forgetting to do things that have to happen by certain days. Sometimes I think that if I had the house 100% spotless, exactly how I want it, I would feel like a different kind of person. Maybe a busier person with things to do. I can't really help that I am a sloppy person, though.

I need to put the Christmas tree up. Amazingly, I'm almost done with my shopping. It hasnt' been too hard this year. I can never think of what to get for my mom, though...

Last night I watched Skeleton Key and Cannibal Holocaust with Malophyte. I think I have the dubious honor of scarring her the most with strange movies (Cannibal Holocaust, Gozu, Ichi the killer, etc). Skeleton Key was really dissappointing. I was happy that it wasn't the teenybopper horror that it could have been, but I was also really dissappointed that I had the whole movie figured out by the end. Big twist my ass :(
Cannibal Holocaust was a very powerful movie. Parts of it were a little too intense for me, and it made me uncomfortable, so we watched quite a few segments fast-forwarded. I really had problems with the animal killings, since there was no doubt they were real. The rape scenes were hard to watch, too.. but the cannibalism parts strangely didn't bother me that much. For a movie as old as it is.. .I felt that the message was very relevant to today's media. For me, the movie was about pushing the boundaries of what is shown on television, but it is by no means suggesting it is a positive move. I don't think it would have been as powerful WITHOUT the extreme violence and gore. While I don't beleive the animal killings were nessesary, I think that much else of what was included WAS nessesary in the film to disturb the viewers as much as possible, or the point the filmmaker was trying to make would not have been driven home as strongly as it was. It's a movie that makes you think.. and it's one that stays with you. It's disturbing and repugnant, but not for the sake of being so. If you can stomach the movie, I would say that it's somthing worthwhile for many people to experience.

Then again.. I think everyone should see Orgazmo and Cannibal the Musical at least once, too :P But for different reasons...

I don't know. I won't deny my taste in film is bizzare and perhaps disturbing. But at least I don't watch those Faces of death movies, or enjoy that sort of thing for the sake of violence or gore.


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