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If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says....

So I was humming that song today thinking.. "That's that Tonic song, isn't it? Why am I suddenly thinking about it?" And then I think I remembered seeing it on karaoke revolution, but I wasn't sure. So I looked up what album it was on, and it looked really familiar. So then I thought, "My god. I have that album somewhere." I dug it out and played the first few songs, and found my Crash Test Dummies CD. Oh man. Good times. I love that whole CD so much. (Crash Test Dummies- Album: God Shuffled his Feet. Known for the MMM MMM MMM MMM etc song) It's such a solid album, though. I bought it in Jr. High when my best freind lent me the MMMetc single, and I really loved the B-side. I figured hey.. if I loved the B-side, I'd probably like the whole album...and I really did. The lyrics are kind of strange, and while the lead singer has this super deep voice, he sings about throat/lung cancer a lot, so while I've never made any sort of effort to look up info on the band, it's somthing I've always wondered about. The songs are a LOT of fun, though.
First track is about people pestering God with questions, and not understanding his answer, making him feel akward.
Then there's a track about cavemen, and a song pondering how ducks know stuff. Like.. how does a duck know directions, or what his wife looks like in a flock of ducks?
I really love the song about the guy who gets distracted thinking about weird things like UFOs when he's spending intimate time with his significant other :O
And a strange song about two maidens drugging these horny knights.
It's a great CD. :O
I wonder why I've never picked up any of their other stuff?
(Incidentally, years for these CDs: Crash Test Dummies Cd came out In '93, and the Tonice Lemon Parade CD came out in '96. Damn.. the '90's alternative rock movement didn't last that long :( )


Malophyte's wedding was very nice. Her dress was gorgeous, and I hope she didn't think there were any disasters :P
I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while.
I also felt a lot of things tonight, emotionally, that I guess I haven't felt in years.
I don't get mushy at weddings, but these kinds of gatherings tend to bring groups of people together that I haven't seen in a long time.
Since it was close to Baylor, I went to Common Grounds to get a coffee for Akuma, and it made me think about the years he and I were getting to know each other while I was in school.
Did you know that he would leave work in the mornings, drive across town to Baylor just to wake me up, drive me a few blocks down to the coffee shop, have coffee with me, and drive me to class?
I specifically remember one day when I came to the car, and there was a fresh pink& white petaled long stem rose waiting on the car seat. He's always been so sweet.
It always makes me feel guilty when I feel bitter about past heartbreaks, because while I don't nessesarily feel a sense of closure on some of the past relationships, I've moved on and I am very happy with the way things are now. And while I wouldn't ever go back to the boy that broke my heart, or the guys it didn't work out with, I sometimes really hate myself for still thinking about them sometimes. I guess a small part of me will always love certain things about certain people. I love certain things about all my close freinds, but getting into a relationship with someone confuses the issue... and being reminded of those small things you love about them makes you hate being around them all the more. Especially when they have issues with acting civil around you on occassion :P
I love the trust I share with Bevo. I feel like I could tell her anything, and she wouldn't judge me.
I love how Mako-chan seems to understand some of the strangest things about me, and I love how Ringo is patient with me even when I feel like I'm losing my patience (for no good reason)
But I almost feel like I hate myself for loving things about my exes, because I guess I feel like I want to dissassociate myself from them and get things over with. But on the other hand.. because I still love those good things about those people, I still want to be freinds with them. But since I've broken down some barriers you don't cross with regular freinds with those individuals, it makes it really hard to make things normal again, and it's frustrating. It's almost more like a love-hate relationship with myself rather than those certain few people. With a healthy dose of guilt piled on top. It's not depression, though. I just feel weird in general tonight..

I don't know. I've been in a rather queer mood tonight, and I just want a hug.


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