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Minna o korosu.... oh.. wait.. wasn't that.. Minna kurushii?

It's only 10 pm here... everyone is asleep... and I am feeling evil.
I'm listening to some Cali Gari I DLed off Napster. I wanted to try them out a few weeks ago, but never gt around to listening to the MP3s.. I wish I knew how to type the negative symbol between Cali and Gari. I suppose I don't deserve to be a fan of things I can't spell.. Like Plur's previous incarnation:
D'avidshi)to'al..or somthing similar at least..
There. I can't be a fan.
I must be a poser. All posers must die. Therefore, I must die.
That was the correct form of a syllogism. Huzzah. I'm listening to this really..mm..Interesting Cali GAri track. It's a fake radio program.. It's called Drama [kimi ga saku yama] The last thing I need to hear tonight is a man speakign in an incredibly high-pitched voice while saying "iku"...My nose will rupture and I shall bleed to death.
...(ah... gackt[<<--not high-pitched]....)
G'haaa >..< It's pretty funny, none the less.. and I feel like going "kekekekeke" a lot now... There is someone in the background making that noise, and for some reason, it is making me giggle.
I've been havign a difficult time enjoying my "vacation" I need somthing to look forward to. I have A-kon this summer.. but it is not.. hm.. long-term. The only thing I can think of that is long-term is death.. but what comes before that? There must be somthing there for me.. There have been a lot of christians about lately trying to convert me. Apparently because I'm Christian, but not THEIR type of Christian, I'm going to hell. I hope hell's an interesting place, because I'm bored to death right now.
*Genki....Ogenki desu ka?
-Genki ja nai
*koroshi ageru
-yokatta, ne....
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