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Picture pages

Hey, does anyone remember this show?
Picture Pages with Bill Cosby
Man.. I used to watch that show all the time.
I remember dad used to watch it with us, too. He actually mailed out for the special "magic" marker that made noices, too. Except we wern't really allowed to mess with it because we used to break a lot of things when we were little.. heh.
But yeah! I don't remember how we started talking about it today, but I brought up that old show, and no one remembered it. I remember thinking, "If I ever met Bill Cosby and had the chance to say 'thank you' for so many childhood memories, I would say thank you for Picture Pages." It's like.. Lavar Burton was so awesome, but the thing I think I'll always remember him for the most is not Star Trek the Next Generation, or even Roots, but Reading Rainbow. I can't say the show ever made me interested in reading, because I was always interested in reading when I was little. But I remember really liking the show.

Anyway. Yeah. I'm a dork.

I also got the new Karaoke Revolution Party in today. OMG. So much stuff to unlock! Over 50 songs! And I don't have them all yet!
Gotta get to work on that....

I've been trying to remember all this wedding stuff going on lately. PC&C had a wedding shower today that I almost forgot to go to. I was kind of loathing it, because I didn't know the ettiquet at all, and I didn't know if that was the thing I was supposed to bring a gift to or not.. because, well... IIRC, the wedding was going to be in town, and we did gifts at the actual wedding-wedding for mine. And Malophyte is apparently getting married next week?
I feel like such a louzy freind that I can't keep track of all this stuff. When Ringo get married, I know I'm going to forget to go to that, too. (In my mind, Ringo gets married before Makoto, who reproduces asexually, and rules the world with an army of Mako-clones. They stop short of Japan, and don't destroy Tokyo, which causes all existance as we know it to end, since armies of clones and giant monsters are SUPPOSED to only go after Tokyo.. OH! NO! There goes Tokyo! Go go GODZILLA!"

I'm not losing weight. I'm not watching what I eat. I'm not planning any costumes right now. I look horrible, and my house could use some more work....

But right this moment, I'm happy.


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