HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Crotch of Darkness!!!!!

Yeah.. so I'm about 6 hours into the new Castlevania game :O

I have to admit, I'm a little dissappointed.

I think they broke things since the last Ps2 castlevania :O
IMO, while the camera had it's flaws in lament of innocence, it's a LOT worse in Curse of Darkness. The camera swings around to auto-target when you are locked onto a monster, but the camera is REALLY stupid. I'm amazed this game hasn't made me motion sick.

The whole Innocent Devil thing is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as complex as it seems at first glance :( Item crafting is also kind of cool, but I don't really have any complaints about that.
Since it runs on the same engine as LoI, the layout is pretty much exactly the same. They tried really hard to make some more interesting hallways, and give people more to look at, which is cool. So far, I'd say the music is about as good as LoI, too. A lot of people hated the music for LoI, but I liked it. And the music for this one is pretty good, too.
Though, there's a track that plays when you load your file that sounds like "Too bad! You just died!" music, so I don't think it really fits :P I'll call it harpsichoral, since it's lots of singing, and lots of harpsichord.

But omg...

The story.. and script... and cut scene directing....are SOOOOO BAD.
SOOOOO cheesey. My god. It hurts.
The english dub is a little better than Symphony of the night. I have to admit the performances are much better in comparison.. but wtf.. it would be better if they wern't pounding plot into your head with a sledgehammer.


I just had a revelation.
The script must have been written by fucking tarantino, it's so bad.
(Those who have heard me rant about how much I hate everything but the ripped-off action scenes in the Kill Bill movies will know exactly what I mean)


But I can't stop playing. For all it's flaws, it's a pretty game, the music is good, and I hear that there are some awesome unlockable characters. I heard that you can unlock Trevor (yay!!), get the pumpkin dude as a bonus innocent devil, and you can play as Joachim o..O
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