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Does my name start with a "K"....?


In other news:


And now for somthing completely different


My Sarasa/Tatara Basara cosplay outfit for A-kon this summer is almost done. Just need to finish the pants and hem the straps for the arms and legs. It'd look better if I was about 3 inches taller, and about 50 lbs thinner... but the outfit itself will kickass. If I looked like an anime character.... ::sigh::
Anyway.. It's going to kick ass. I plan on making the baby owl for my shoulder. I want to make it out of feather boa.. or if there's any grey plush leftover from the plush dolls.. I'll make it with that.

I had a dream last night.. I was a mechanized fighting machine from another land. An opposing military force was trying to capture me, but my agility and combat skils ruined them. They brought in a special force of elite fighters to take me on. (Why do I feel like writing in l33t? My mad kung-f00 skillz...) They brought out a weapon that I dodged for 20 minutes, and then finally blocked. I was at a convention center, and I was amused by this oddly-shaped throwing weapon that bounced off walls and bested me like the other warriors couldn't. I succumbed to the two that were left.. and they took me off. I had a plan, but I needed to seduce the commanding officer and ditch the soldier with the weapon that was behind me. I succeeded in ditching the one behind me and seducing the one in front of me.. but over the course of our travels we fell in love. His sister was insanely jealous. The more I tried to remember my escape plan, the more I forgot and fell in love with the soldier. I was being drawn into this alien world, and even went as far as to get some genetic tests done. These tests told the results of any childern the soldier and I might have together. The graph was like an RPG stat sheet.. kind of strange.. Strength and intelligence ratings, and the such. Each rating was a percentage. Next to the percentages was a Super-deformed picture of the contributor of that gene. The genes for the resulting child would have been superior in all ways due to my genes, but would have had horrible intelligence stats due to the soldier. I forgot how to escape and the sister wanted to kill me.. or get into the relationship...
I woke up.


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