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Castlevania is eating my soul

... Because I KNOW I read somewhere that once you beat the game and unlock the secret character, you can get Alucard to join you.


This game is so good. OMG. It's like.. the Castlevania game I've been waiting years to play. I dare say it's better than Aria of Sorrow, making it #2 on my best Castlevania games of all time list.

1. Symphony of the Night
2. Dawn of Sorrow
3. Aria of Sorrow
4. Super Castlevania IV or whatever that silly SNES Simon Belmont game was
5. Lament of Innocence (Hey, I REALLY enjoyed that one :P Bugger off)

And it's been a few years now since Lament of Innocence, I guess. But it wasn't 2-D, so it didnt' get the same warm fuzzies Aria of Sorrow got. Now I have over 74% of my map uncovered in Dawn of Sorrow, and I'm sad because I know I'm almost done with it :( I have been suck so many times in this game! That's how you know it's good. Anyway... I have SMT:DDS:AT:omfglongtitlegame to look forward to after I beat this one. I need to finish the first part so I can load data for the second part. (Oh yeah, and get that missing chunk of story. I last left Lt. Data, Angstyboobs, Jerkface, Rastaman, and Crunchymuncy down in some sewers somewhere, and kinda need to pick up where I left off with that.

I warned the guys in the guild on WoW I was a little pre-occupied with Castlevania, so I hope they understand if I only make it to minimal guild functions for a while :P

I'm also debating whether or not to work on those garments for my halloween costume. If I make the purple justacourps, I'm going to have to hold off on the lining until I get all the embroidery on the front. And that's going to have to be in either gold or silver. Silver would match my corset. Gold would match the satin I was thinking about making pants out of. The pants could be used for another costume, but it would be more accurate to make the pants out of a short pile velvet in a slightly darker color. Oh noes! The decisions! Whatever I do, though, I really need to clean that sewing table off..

Oh, and Mr. pukey is up to it again. Senpu threw up an amazing 4 times yesterday. I'm worried about somthing being wrong with him. Last time he was throwing up a lot, and I took him to the vet, he got some injections, but the whole thing seemed to be a mystery to even the vet. I mean, there was no definitive "This is what is wrong with your cat." It was more like "Here's 4 things that could be wrong with him. Let's treat them all and let me know if he keeps throwing up." Well, he stopped for a while, and then out of the blue, yesterday, 4 barfs. Today, he was at it again. We haven't given him ANY tuna since his first problems, so while it seemed he threw up every time we gave him tuna, it's definitely not the case. He was scratching his head a lot yesterday, so I think he might be allergic to somthing. We got him some new shrimp& tuna treats at the store the other day... and he managed to throw those up, too. But hey.. at least he's enthusiastic! He doesn't have a sore tummy, he's very enthusiastic about eating things that will probably make him barf, and he's still playing and purring a lot. So I think... maybe he is bulemic. Or maybe he is a CoE and just likes to purge.
HAHA.. he just sneezed.
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