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Oh yeah!

And Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow <3
Bought DDS2, but can't start it, because I was too lazy to finish the first part.
But when I went to get it, I found out the new Castlevania on DS is out.
The touchscreen additions a REALLY cool. There's a part where you have to break apart ice blocks in your way by touching them... but you can leave a few blocks there to give you a platform to jump onto. It's really cool. You also have to draw magic seals on the screen to finish off bosses. I was worried I'd have to play regularly and figure out a way to hold my stylus, but the screen is very forgiving, and I can do everything with my fingers.

My only gripe about the game:

All the art is this crappy anime style. Nothing is wrong with anime, but when you are used to Ayami Kojima, and you've played a game with the same characters using HER art, everything seems sub par. Since this is a sequel of a GBA game that used all her art for the character speech scenes, this anime style just isn't as nice. And it's really a shame.. because while the resolution on the GBA/SP wasn't quite enough to do justice to her art, the DS definitely has the power, and they opted for a cleaner anime style anyway. It's not like the characters have moving lips or anything, so it kind of ticks me off. But from what I hear, this game was a huge rush job anyway, and Ayami Kojima didn't have the time to work on it. I imagine she was busy on the stuff for the new Castlevania coming out on PS2 soon. Oh well :( Despite the game being totally rushed, though, it's a LOT of fun. Just like the one that came before, Aria of Sorrow. It's got solid gameplay, and IMO the touchscreen features were WELL integrated, and lots of fun to play with. I swear I spent 15 minutes before even starting the game, trying to decide how to doodle my name for the name of the save file. I ended up drawing a CLAMP puffer fish..

CLAMP Kiseki is being released by Tokyopop. Vol 1 is already out. They're still expensive, though. It's running 30 bucks here... 3 chess peices per box.... gah
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