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I found this in the links section of another site...

And you guys REALLY can't even begin to understand how excited I am about it.
I'm posting this party for posterity, and party to try and find someone out there who is as excited about it as I am :P
And what this means about a certain future costume.


Ok.. she designed my favorite Malice Mizer costumes, AND my favorite Kamijo outfit? (the blue one<3)

And OMG... She poster her ORIGINAL design sketches up there for comparison with the original...

AND she's got front and back shots?? In good lighting??

(Incidentally... I was able to figure out from these photos here and B&W shots in my Merveilles photo book that the actual pattern on yu~ki's jusacourps and hat will be impossible to track down. It's a vine pattern similar to what I used on my Norn costume, but it also has large peacock feathers in there, too. WTF. If I want to be totally wrong with the gold/yellow metallic blend, the closest I can easily and cheaply come to the right fabric probably WILL be the yellow upholstery fabric with the exact pattern I used on Norn.)

The more I look at these GOOD shots of the original outfits, it makes me realize how off every other cosplayer is on them, and it makes me really start to wonder if I should even attempt the one I had in mind, because I have no idea how to find the right fabrics for this. I mean, just look at all the Merveilles Kozi cosplayers out there! They've been doing the sleeves and pants *completely* wrong all this time! It's very daunting, and I think if I make my bastardized costume, I won't wear it to a con.


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