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I feel like a zombie.
Last night, I made the horrible mistake of deciding to hit a dungeon in World of Warcraft with a few people in my new guild. Things went so well, we decided to do some more stuff, and even though I was dead tired, I wanted to try for an item, and help out another guy. I didn't get to sleep until after the sun had already come up :O I promised Akuma I would get up and cook him some dinner in the morning, but he's really too nice to wake me up, and I didn't get up in time to cook anything for him. I feel kinda crappy about that.. and kinda crappy because I woke up in the afternoon.
No immediate sewing projects, no immediate cons.. I'm taking a cosplay/convention vacation and doing absolutely nothing. It's nice, but I feel like a bum. Things will be better tomorrow when Akuma is off from work, and we can be a bum together.

Oh yeah! Caught the movie The Brothers Grimm last week. I liked it. Peter Stormare's character, Cavaldi, was great. (He's the guy that was most recently in Constantine as Lucifer. He was great in that role, too :D ) It was prety much what I was expecting, and I enjoyed the whole movie. I didnt' enjoy the theatre chairs, though. IMDB says run time is 118min, but in those stupid theatre seats, it felt like forever :(

Howl's Moving Castle was actually in Waco last week! Holy crap! I'm a little dissappointed that it's gone already, though, because I REALLY wanted to see that fucking thing. We decided to see Brothers Grimm first, since it only had 2 showtimes left, and Howl's had more. So, I figured Brothers Grimm wasn't long for the world (or this theatre at least) and Howl's would still be around when Akuma got off work. Oh well :( Fucking Starplex. They recently stopped thier midnight showings completely, and lately they haven't been updating their internet info, so the showtimes online have been all sorts of wrong. When we tried to catch Grimm there last week, they were selling tickets at the concession stand instead of the ticket booth, too. I don't think that theatre is doing very well. I'd think they were going out of business or somthing, but we only have one theatre in Waco that plays new movies, so it would suck if they did. Then I'd have to drive to Hewitt to see crap. WTF. Anyway, Like I said before.. they haven't been keeping on top of the updates so we had to drive to Hewitt to see the Brothers Grimm anyway... I'm still pissed about Howl's

So.. at least The Corpse Bride is still in theatres. I'll try to go see that maybe on Weds.

End note:
WTF. They are still running two showings of Sky High, and Howl lasted a week? Sometimes Waco really fucking sucks.


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