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16 September 2005 @ 01:18 am
Last update before the con  
Akuma is bringing his laptop, so I might be able to update from the con.. but yeah. This is going to be an interesting convention.

Right now, I'm working on a way to pack everything that doesn't break the small stuff, but is still space-efficient. We had a power outage earlier tonight, so I lost about an hour of work. Can't run a sewing machine without electricity, nor can you see what you're doing by the light of a few candles >:(

So, to make myself feel a bit better about getting some things done, I updated my cosplay.com gallery right here.

That's the closest you'll see until I'm at the con. I need to paint the design on the bottom of the jacket, cover the hat in fabric, and finish the gold chinstrap. That's about it.\
Oh yeah, and make the white belt. I keep forgetting about that crap. D:
The hat fits really well, it just looks silly on the dressform because the wig head is tiny, and my head is big :O
I also included a picture of the design on the back, since you guys know about my previous problems with that today. The design was hand painted, so there are a few shakey lines, etc, but otherwise I think it looks ok.