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I got my contacts in today. I'm very excited about them. I also bought some white nailpolish for the costume, and the white fabric for my overcoat. I settled on somthing from the bargain bin. Got 7 yards for about 22 bucks. No, I don't need that much. I really only need like 4 1/4 yds. BUT!
This fabric is so weird. I'll find another use for it.

I can't really describe it. I could have chosen some other plain bottomweight, but this spoke volumes of freaky when I touched it, which makes it, IMO appropriate for this costume. It's a poly-lycra blend.. but.. it's... weird...
I've had poly-lycra blend suitings that felt like polyester, but had a little stretch to them, and those are great. In fact, the black kimono I'm making is actually a weird little wool-lycra blend, and is possibly one of the most beautiful& most behaved fabrics I've ever worked with.
But this stuff... has a rubbery, almost slick& sticky texture to it, a very slight shine, suiting graining, and it stretches. It's fucking freaky. It's not bathing suit material at all. That stuff has a lot of stretch. This has a slight stretch to it, but if not for the really odd texture, looks like just a regular suiting. I want to try spilling somthing on it. I think there's a 50% chance stuff will wipe right off. But that's the weird thing. it's not non-porous at all. It VERY weird. I hope I can iron a transfer to it.
Considering 12th captain has his own little torture lab, I think this will do quite well..)

I also bought a craft foam pirate hat to mutilate into my freaky hat. Going to work on trying to finish the costume tonight. Might have some in progress photos when Akuma wakes up, I dunno.


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