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My dress form is starting to scare me...

I'm running out of time for this silly costume :(
Tomorrow, I need to put the neckband on the black kimono, make the jacket, make the cowl, and make the hat. If I get that done, I'm pretty much calling the costume finished. I made the silly purple thing and most of the black kimono today.

Unfortunately, because of how picky I am, I didn't find the white fabric I wanted last time I was at Jo ann's and now I have to go back tomorrow to meet this deadline. So, this means when I'm out tomorrow, I have to buy 4 1/2 yds white somthing or other(since I dont' really have time to line it, and I still haven't figured out what color his lining is yet. God knows Idon't need MORE layers of fabric... anyway..) I also need to buy a sheet or two of white craft foam to finish my nose and teeth. And figure out how to make the gold things that look like plastic cups, but are in fact much smaller. I'm also half tempted to go to Wal Mart and buy a plastic bowl for my hat. I love cosplay.
Going to pick up my contacts tomorrow, too. I may take some photos if I get my cowl and hat finished, because it will be great.
I'm thinking about hitting up the dollar store, or a halloween isle, for a fake katana for this costume. I really think it's going to be a whole lot of fun to have it tied in a weird way right in front of my crotch. (see anime)
No gold painted plastic babies, though.

I'm so tired :(
Tags: cosplay, mayuri

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