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Have I mentioned I've started my Bleach costume? Probably not. But hey, guess what? I started my Bleach costume!

I headed down to Jo Ann's for fabric today. I got what I wanted, but it was expensive :( I used my card, and it knocked off nearly 30 bucks, but damn it... T..T I guess I have expensive tasted in fabric. I can't really hide what Bleach costume I decided on. I think everyone knows already. So yeah. I bought some hakama because I was lazy. I found some great suiting I really liked, but it didn't match the pants. So, to get fabric with a texture I liked, and the RIGHT shade of black, I ended up having to go with a 14.99/yd wool/lycra blend suiting. Holy crap. I didn't realize that I had picked out the MOST EXPENSIVE non-velvet fabric in the store >:O Good thing I know my way around a kimono or 3, or I'd be too paranoid to even cut the stuff.
Couldn't find a suitable white suiting (har har) for my vestihappi thing. Fuck that shit D:
I'll have to go back some other day. But for now, I have the white lycra I need, the black suiting, and the purple crap for 90% of the rest of the costume.

Things I am missing:
~White fabric for what I shall now dub the vestihappi
~contacts. Already ordered, should be in any day now for pick up

Damn near everything else is at my house now, and ready to be assembled. I'ma be scary.
I'm also debating shoulder pads for a more imposing silouette D: Like how gogo NEEDED shoulder pads. You can't tell me it would have looked good without them. You just can't.

Gah. I need a sewing break.


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