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Well, I got to thinking about things, and I'm not going to bother posting a con report :P Some exciting stuff happened, nothing truly shitty happened, and life is great, huzzah.

Now I have a week and a half to finish a Bleach costume.
I don't have much time to rest, but I'm taking a day or two off to relax from the con, get some housework done, and plan this costume. My contact lenses should be coming in soon, and all I have to do is make maybe 2 garments. If I can stay motivated, this costume should go well.

Everyone seemed to think Norn was pretty cute. I don't have many photos uploaded yet, but there are a few up on my cosplay.com gallery. Here's the link

The photos are in the regular gallery for now. I haven't moved them into the Norn gallery quite yet.

Since lysariala posted links to fansview photos, I remembered that a few of mine were caught by Kevin.. and I am not dissappointed with this year's collection of retarded faces!
(You know.. I try to look at the lens when he takes these, but I swear I must have been preparing my pose and looking at him when he caught me by surprise. I should just start making retarded faces on purpose for him)
Oh hey! More people we know making stupid faces!
Except, really.. for that photo of Nick, I must say... he looks a lot happier when he's caught by surprise.. lol. That's a great photo of him.

(And incidentally, I did NOT see this Joachim there or I would have giggled. Hooray Joachim!)
As I mentioned before, the MM group was rather spectacular. They have a few pages starting here
The ONLY thing I could possibly be nitpicky about on these costumes is lack of fabric texture on the Yu~ki and Kami.. and the Gackt's hair wasn't perfect but that's IT. Considering how much could go very very very wrong with a group like this, that's saying a lot. The craftsmanship is spectacular with all the fabrics used on these. The hems are clean, the trim application is clean and stragiht, from what I could tell, everything fit the girls well. I think it also helps a lot that the Gackt of this group was actually the one that made all the costumes. Since he was the one working on all of them, there's a lot of consistancy and color matching between the individual costumes. IE- the magenta, blue, yellow, red, etc all looks like it's the right shade when the group members stand together. I think that's also the best Merveilles Kozi, best Mana, and possibly best Gackt I have ever seen. I don't think I've EVER seen anyone do that Yu~ki before, either. (If you guys know me well, you'll know that's one I really want to do someday, so I'm super picky about that. I've been hunting for the right gold material for a few yeas now, off& on)\

Anyway, I guess a con report from me really is just a bunch of photos.
I'd post Gogo pictures, but neither Celine or myself snagged a single photo of me in the gogo costume with our cameras, nor did Fansview. it's not like you haven't seen the costume before, though,a nd I haven't added anything since KKC, so no big deal :P

I'll try to upload some of the wonderfully retarded photos we made a point to take in iRO costumes later. Apparently a very geeky and excited fanboy wanted to post them in the iRO livejournal, so I'll go check there.. hehehe...
And check out the Norn Photos. that costume turned out pretty well!

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