HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Back from Animefest!

Just letting everyone know that I arrived home from Afest safe and sound. It was a great con, a lot of fun, and I got to talk with a lot of freinds. I just overall had a great time, and it was really really nice being able to see so many of you again :)
I hope to post photos of costumes soon, and write more about the con.

Until then, however, I would like to share my extremely bad luck with trading figures this con XD

4 Ys figures- no Adol :( I bought two of them, and got the metallic Olha and annoying color Isha. I hate Isha with burning hot passion, so I traded her with Celine for some random chick in red from a Ys game I haven't played yet. Then, Celine bought me a few more to try my luck <3 I got a metallic version of the red chick, and some chick in white. No Adol :( Oh well.. I can always try again!

Megaten figures- OMG! So excited to see these. I was really excited about the entire set, but the ones I wanted the most were the Jack o Lantern/Jack Frost combo figure. I couldn't get it for the life of me D: I bought two figures Sat and got a Nekomata, and "goth maid chick" Mary from a game I don't think I've played? Today, Celine bought me 3 more figures, and I got... the Nekomata again, Mary again, and Lucifer!! I was super excited about Lucifer, gave the Mary to Celine, and I was stuck with an extra Nekomata. so, I decided to try one more..... and got another Mary >..>
The dealer felt sorry for me, and poked his fingers in them and found the Jacks in about 2 minutes D: I should have asked for his help from the start!

So here's the important part: I have 2 red chicks and one chick in white from the Ys series that I'm willing to trade with someone.. and I also have somthing for KT, if she wants them :) Mary and a Nekomata :D

I would eventually really like to get the Pazuzu and Loki figures, but I have no idea who the secret figure is :(

Oh- Almost forgot to mention the awesome Malice Mizer group that won Best of Show at the cosplay event this year. The Gackt cosplayer made all of the costumes himself, and the craftsmanship was really really good. The back of Mana's dress laced up very beautifully, and everything looked very clean, crisp, and well done. Found a photo on cosplay.com here

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