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Day before the con

... And I find myself once again with a pile of unfinished costumes at the very last minute.
Granted, I do think i'm going to finish before 1AM as long as Ray don't bring a ton of stuff to do with him.. heheheh.. but I really thought I'd be able to finish everything well before a con for once. I DID get a LOT more done than usual before this con, so I guess that helps.. but I didn't get to do everything I wanted.
There is another first, though.. I was actually able to go back and work on an older costume and get more repairs/additions done to it! Holy crap! If it's not done by the day I wear it, I usually call it finished and forget about the other parts that are wrong on it. hahahhaah

List of doom has changed a bit. Now i'm most of the way done with Norn's cape, leaving me with just the wig/ear attachment on that costume. Holy crap!!

If I finish everything in time today, I might go back and fix Shiina's top or bootcovers.. but I don't know that I will have time for that. I'm pretty much writing off a lot of stuff, but nothing vital, so I feel a bit better about things costume-wise. I'm bringing my DS with me to this con to take care of my Nintendog >..>

Gotta go shopping for con food tonight, and pack, too.

Bringing these costumes with me:

EGL outfit
Tsunade (the pants were washed from KKC.. hahahaha)
and maybe Yu~ki.. though I've only worn that costume once. I love it, and I want to wear it more, but the 2 hr makeup application hasnt' been feasible lately with all the panels, etc. I've been doing.
I've worn Tsunade a LOT, so I've been thinking about leaving it at home, but she doesn't take up much room, and as long as I wear it like Friday or somthing, and not to the cosplay event, I'm happy. I wore Tsunade for judging last year, so I can't do it again. That would look bad.. HAHAHAHAHAH

Unfortunately, everything else but Shiina takes up a TON of room, and I don't know what I'll wear to Iron Cosplay without knocking everything over.

Norn either takes first or second place for "most pain in the ass trim." I haven't decided. I think Millenia took more.. but I was at least able to buy the 22 yards I needed for that costume. I've had to MAKE about 15-20 yards of trim for Norn. I'm still worried about how this costume is going to sit on me. I'm not 100% happy with how the skirts slip around.. but otherwise, it should look great. LOTS of trim. omg. trim. lots. XP
I really hope that it will look awesome, though. I think all the time put into making all that trim by hand will really make the costume look a lot more textured and interesting than flat regular bias tape. All of my fabric choices on this one have been out of texture. I guess while they look completely different, Norn and Millenia really are similar costumes in the end.


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