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I don't have much of a choice in what I do today

Since I was feeling a little off yesterday, and blew the whole day, I really have to focus and stop all that. I don't have time to think. I don't have time to do anything but sew. :(
I can't say I'm feeling 100%, but I think I can make some real progress today if I buckle down.
When I woke up today, I ate a little bit of brunch, and put on a pair of pajamas. Weird when you wake up and put your pjs on I guess? But they're comfortable, and I don't really feel like wearing regular clothes right now...
I've had a bite to eat, and sat around thinking about livejournal comments, and now I think I'm going to get some work done. The TV has been on CNN hurricane coverage all day. The sheer ammount of destruction is unreal. The damage looks so bad that it's hard to imagine how the city will recover. There are so many lives invested in that area, so it's not like they could just abandon the sunken city and clear everyone out. There are a lot of parts of southern Texas under sea level, too...

I called the optometrist today. I'm looking into getting some colored contacts. They'd work for multiple costumes, so I decided to make the investment. They're saying they could be in as early as Friday if they are in stock, which is cool, but they're not for Afest. Well, I have a costume they would go well with if I did have them in time for the con.. but in all events and likelihoods, they won't be in until next week. That's also ok, though, because I was thinking that if they would come in time for NDK, I'd work on a costume that could use them.

I still don't feel like doing anything today, but I don't have much of a choice. N-kun's Klein costume is probably 95% finished, and he's wearing it as-is to the con. I've put so much work into that Norn costume already.. I need to finish it so I can wear it with him. And I still have to install a zipper and decide on sleeves for that EGL peice. Though, happily, it's almost done.

I guess I'll look at what thread is in the machine right now, and work on the corresponding costume. I hate changing thread.


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