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Dead to the world and falling to peices...dare my sickly form shadow your life?

I am falling apart physically. Even my body has lost faith in me. Pathetic weak flesh. Would I were to slough it away, only my twisted soul would be left. Dare I bare that as well?
I wouldn't mind being healthier... It must be a curse from my enemies. I've garnered enough hatred over the past few days . . . It wouldn't surprise me.
I bet you'd be interested in my plubing crisis.. the water draining from one shower or toilet shoudlnt' back up into both of the house's bathtubs... I really wanted a bath tonight, too. I need to wash away some of this filth at least. I have enough to deal with that won't wash away.
This isn't to mention the lack of toilet facilities. The fact that I can't use the toilet now only makes me want to drink more water... it's horrible how that works..
Must not drink... want to drink.. Must not drink,... need to drink.. must not drink....


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