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Whirlwind cosplay weekend. Oh boy!

I got sooo much done this weekend with N-kun's help. We managed to mostly finish his Klein costume. Because I was worried about space (Gogo, Norn, & EGL are going with me& take up a huge ammount of space), we decided to do everything we could, and send the costume home with him today. There were some things I did not get to finish that I really wanted to get done. Namely, I wanted to put a little more detail into the gold accents on the costume, do a little more styling on the wig, put the applique on the shoulders of the shirt, and finish the tail of the staff. These are things I will have to finish some other time. I do have approximately 4 working days until Animefest, but since I really wanted to get N-kun his costume today, we decided to finish the other bits at a later date. I still have to put a zipper& sleeves on my commissioned EGL top, (Got it completely lined, lining attached, and silly loli head thing made this weekend) Not to mention the huge list of Norn that hasn't had any progress made on it yet. I th ink that if I can just get the pattern for the cape and sleeves hammered out, the rest of Norn will go relatively smoothly. Oh yeah. And I actually got a little repair work done on Shiina.

I don't think that procrastination is my biggest problem with cosplay. It *is* a problem, but not the biggest part of the evils of working so close to a deadline. I think it's the fact that I do all the stuff I know will work out first, and leave the unknowns to the end of the project. By the time I'm ready to do those parts, I'm so burned out from working so hard on the other peices, I just don't want to put the effort into figuring the rest out, and I procrastinate more. It's like the evil cause of procrastination. I don't know. Looking back on my list of doom from earlier this week, I'd have to say that it's at least half the size it was then, but I still don't know if I will be able to knock everything out in time. Even then, I need to still feel like making a Bleach costume for NDK, and decide whether or not I'm going to mail any costumes up to Colorado. I'm starting to think that I won't. If I mail anything up, it'll be Gogo and Norn. But I'm not sure I'm even going to cosplay at NDK anymore. I don't know. I'll talk to N-kun, and maybe we'll spite everyone by mailing up both Klein and Norn and make people feel left out for not having an Atelier Iris costume :P\

When N-kun and I were hand sewing last night, we watched I-Robot. Glad we rented that one. I still have two rentals I haven't watched yet, though, so I think I'm going to have some dinner, relax, and take a deep breath before jumping back into the costumes.

Oh yeah.. photos of an almost-finished Klein up on cosplay.com now. It was from before we added all the gold parts and strappy things.

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