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Thoughts on today, what I've accomplished, and what I have yet to accomplish

Lots of sewing and housework today.
I stir-fried a large plate of veggies in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sause, a tiny bit of butter, and some of my favorite stir fry sause, and it was delicious.
I still need to change the cat's litter, fill the dishwasher, decide on sleeves for my commission, and vaccum the living room rug.
N-kun comes over tomorrow. I'm saving him a lot of menial tasks like cleaning out the Iron Cosplay bag.
Spike tv is showing a lot more CSI lately. I think it's to gear up for the Labor Day marathon. Unfortunately, I'll miss most of the marathon, since I'll be at AF. Fortunately, I got three episodes tonight instead of one. Spike's been showing a Red Stripe beer ad lately that makes me giggle. It's the "Ugly Man" ad that you can see on their website, here. The history of the beer is also great. I think I remember my brother mentioning Red Stripe last time we went to the Wing Stop, because I thought the bottle was so silly looking. I think he buys it just because of that. I can't blame him, though. IMO, all lager beer tastes the same- like piss. I just like ales better, I guess.
It looks like Celine will be coming up to Afest with my brother. Yay! Just curious- who else here is going? Bevo.. you must come! If Celine, R-kun, and myself are in the room, that means there's one more spot. I'm not sure if N-kun is staying with us, though. I will know tomorrow. But even if he is, there's always room for you, Bevo baby :P Unless you come with an entourage, in which case I cannot possibly house all of you :P

Oh- Also picked up Nintendogs yesterday, along with the new issue of Bizzare, my own copy of "A Tale of Two Sisters," (VERY VERY good!)and I was able to finally rent a copy of the first two episodes of MPD PSYCHO!! I'm 95% certain I'll enjoy it very much, but they didn't have it available for purchase.
Tartan's US releases are all fairly new, but I'm very happy with them. They're bringing over a lot of Japanese horror/thriller/weird as hell movies that other places arn't touching. It's all under the "Taran Asia Extreme" or whatever label it is. Very cool. Most of it is too much for Akuma and N-kun. Akuma says he doesn't like the gratuitous violence. I don't think it's any worse than say.. CSI, which we both enjoy together. I think the twisted nature of the things that go on bother him more. I don't worship it for glorifying violence. It's hard to describe why I like them. There are some elements of dark comedy in them that I really enjoy. I guess I also like to push my own limits to see what exactly offends me. I swear nothing much phases me anymore. I don't know if I ever really want to see the thing that will traumatize and scar me for life, but I guess I've always hated how naive I was about everything in highschool and college. I know I'm not so naive at all anymore, but I still feel like it sometimes.

Oh well, back to work

Oh wait.. some weird Star Wars feature on animal planet is showing outtakes of The Empire Strikes Back. Mark Hamill just got bitten by a snake :O


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