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Afest panic kicking in

So much to do!

I was feeling super productive until I ran into a few costuming snags last week. Nothing major, but it made me feel like taking a few days off. There are just some days when you feel it would be very very bad luck to touch the sewing machine.
I think last week was that day :P

So... because of that, I'm horribly behind. I have a huge, long list of things I need to get done, and not enough motivation to do them. I don't know what it is, but I swear, like clockwork, I totally crap out about a week and a half before the con, and have to rush everything else. Norn was going great until I took a break, and screwed up on the gloves :(
The commission was going great until I noticed the back of the top was looking a little loose, so now I have to get more measurements and figure out what's going on there.
N-kun's Klein costume was going great until.. uh.. I got lazy >..>


~Install zipper in front of dress
~Finish arm warmers
~Make pink sleevelet things
~Make cape
~Figure out what the deal is with the ears& wig, and attach those two together in a favorable manner
~Permenantly attach staff head to staff

~Applique on shirt sleeves
~Finish belt
~Finish cape/vest thing
~Details on everything
~Finish boot covers (Hey, at least they're started)
~Gay chap-let belt-thing

EGA Commission
~Finish top
~~~~~Install zipper
~~~~~Make sleeves
~~~~~Hem& trim
~Make silly EGA styled head-pad-thing

~Re-do black lycra sleeves
~Fishin bootcovers
~Sew closures on "obi" and sew the damned bow together

So, as you can see.. there's not really a WHOLE lot left to do on each individual costume. I mean.. I've had my ass in more trouble than this before.... a week and a half to a con...
But all together, it's still a LOT to do.

Since N-kun feels bad for me, he's going to try to come down this weekend to help get his Klein costume finished in time. I need to try and leave enough stuff for him to do without backing myself into a corner, though >..< I think I'm going to eat a giant pixy stick and see how late I can stay motivated


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