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Marriot can bite me :D

Ringo called today saying that the NDK hotel was not sold out, and that they were lying bastards.
I know that when I looked last time, there wern't any rooms. But lo and behold, today, there are rooms. So, I made a new reservation for all 4 nights we need, and cancelled the other one. I guess someone cancelled a reservation or somthing. I don't know. But whatever the case, it looks like the NDK trip is back on again. I have to check with Akuma and see whether or not he cancelled our airfare, though, because if he did, then we're still not going. I know we were fully planning on doing it, but I don't know if he'd gotten around to it yet or not.
This also means that I need to throw my ass into gear to try and finish all my Animefest stuff well before the con so I can think about NDK stuff. Otherwise, I'm making somthing ghetto.

I did pick up a pattern for my Kukaku halter when I went to Jo Ann's the other day. And I'm looking into just buying black hakama to save time. Since both costumes are FAIRLY simple, there's no reason not to make both. If I have time.

I may manage to get my commission 90% completed today, though. I was working on the skirt when Ringo called. The skirt is pretty much finished. I just need to slap some bias tape on the inside waistband seam, and hand-sew some closures on the waistband. I'll take photos of my happy zipper later. Emily is at Otakon right now, so I won't be able to get in touch with her about measurements until next week. XP This means I'm not sure I want to finish the top yet. In the mean time, however, there's still lots to do.

I'm feeling fairly productive, and fairly good about myself today, so I think I'll be able to get a lot done.


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