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Today's work

I'm nearly finished with my commission. It's been moving pretty smoothly. I have a list of things I still have to do, and they unfortunately all involve zippers.
I need to:
~Install waistband+ zipper+ hook closure on the (side of the)skirt
~Install zipper on the back of the top
~Sew tulle skull skirt to top(So the tulle covers the zipper of the underskirt)
~Add sleeves to top
~Line the top
~Hem top
~Make maxi-pad head thing
~Buy more black bias tape... >..>

Anyway, here are some photos
Overview- Still lots missing..
Close up of the nifty lace& trim

The more costumes I make, the more I really wish I had a bigger dressform. I'm really not using it like I'm supposed to :P

In other news: It looks like we probably won't be going to Houston. Plans changed a lot. First we were going to go tomorrow, then it was Thurs, then it was tomorrow again, and now it looks like we won't go at all. I was really looking forward to seeing that LotR exhibit Fennelwink was talking about, and I was also really looking forward to seeing my dad. However, we just came back from the valley on Akuma's last week off, and we kind of feel like vegging. I regret that we'll be missing the exhibit, but it would have been really tough to make the trip work. My dad would be unavailable to do anything until the evening because of work, and it would have been tough trying to catch a good time to go the the museum. Dad wasn't too interested in it, but we were planning on going with Bevo, so I could see her& we'd have a guide. All in all, it looks like it'll be too tough to swing at the moment. Unfortunately, because of Afest and NDK, I won't be able to see my dad for a few more months :( But at least then, things will be less hectic for him, and we can arrange to visit at a time that is more convenient for everyone.


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