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Costumes and cleaning, ho!

If you look at the list from two days ago or whatever, I've made even more progress, late as it is. Today, I made an ASSLOAD of chocolate suede-type bias tape/trim. I swear that took up most of the early afternoon, since I had yards and yards of pressing to do. Unfortunately, the only way to do it is do it the right way, so I was pressing away and spooling it around an old bias tape cardboard thing. That stuff doesn't look like it, but it leaves all sorts of traces of itself behind. there are brown smudges all over my ironing board now, and my hands had the slightest hint of pinky-brown on them for the rest of the afternoon.

The results, however, are fabulous! I finished all the trim I needed to trim the underskirt, the pink overskirt, and I still had enough leftover for the sleeves, the gems, and HOPEFULLY, most of the cape. I realize I will probably have to make more when I make the cape, though, and I don't look forward to that. The cape is in multiple peices, and heavily trimmed, so I don't hold high hopes for the end of my carreer in cocolate-suede-type bias tape :( It's taken about a yard and a half of fabric, too. It's insane.

The Norn underskirt is finally done, though! It's now fully trimmed, and has it's own trimmed gold gem (a la Silky) on the bottom. I've also trimmed the entirity of the pink overthing. I can't put the gems on that one until I get the closure down the front, though. Since I'm planning on putting a zipper down the front in a similar manner to the way I sewed the one on the Armstrong costume, I have to wait to put the gems on. The gems in the ref. photos look like closures, but I'll laugh at anyone who says that can hold a garment shut. So, I'm putting a zipper down the middle and the gems will just sit on top looking cute.

Because of my progress today, though, I can happily say that Norn is almost finished!
I really don't think I will have time to make the grey vinyl boot covers for that costume, so I'm thinking about just using the chocolate-suede-type moccasin weird things I made for my ChaCha costume. I just have to put some interfacing or stiffener or somthing along the cuff to make it stand up a bit better, and it'll be close enough to work. I mean, they'll be horribly inaccurate to the photo, but they'll LOOK ok, since they're made out of the same fabric I've used to trim the whole costume in.

Other than that, I just have to finish the gloves, make the sleevelets, and make the cape. Oh, and I think I'll actually have time for a little nitpicky stuff. I need to make sure the wand head is firmly attached to the wand, and figure out a solid way to wear the ears. Celine's help on that has given me some ideas that I think will work. I still haven't decided if I am going to try to find a way to make the wand "float" with a collar and some wire, and I probably won't have time to mess with it, either. I'm also contemplating finding some horsehair braid, and stitching it to the inside of the underskirt. Or make a hoop skirt or somthing. I'm really not liking this wedding skirt, afterall. It makes it full enough, but I'm having huge problems keeping all the skirts at the right length. Shifting problems. Ugh. Since I have to hike it so high to keep a waistband from showing, though, I might as well just ghetto rig some shoulder straps for the skirt. It's that Urkle.

In any case, I hope to have some photos up soon. I'm going to pile it all on the dressform and try to make it look pretty.
Check here for photos.
I can't guarantee how fast I'll be able to get them up, though. I don't think we've put photoshop on this new computer yet, and I need to work with other editing programs to shrink the pictures down, crop them, etc, before I upload.

But yeah. More costume progress, more cleaning progress, more progress!

Edit: 3 photos are up. I had to edit them through MSPaint on Akuma's computer, because I realized that the flash card UMD adapter won't fit in my new case. WOOT!


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