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I got my new computer in!!! <3 +other random babbling

Akuma had ordered me a new computer recently. I think it was less than a week ago, and it's already come in.
The case is so cute and tiny!

I'm now re-patching nearly a year's worth of World of Warcraft D:
Well, it'll be a full year in like, November. But August means it's almost fall, which means it's almost November, so while it's really not anywhere near a full year, it's close enough for me.

In any case... The computer new is incredibly exciting, because that means I won't have a computer randomly rebooting on me anymore. Or locking up, or misbehaving, etcetc. It's great news. I think I might take pictures of the comp a little later, after I get my computer desk cleaned off.

Speaking of cleaning, I got a lot more progress done in the kitchen today, and that's made me very happy. All i've eaten today are grilled cheese sandwiches. It's one of those weird days. I've been really happy just eating grilled cheese today, too. Even though all I have is colby jack, and not sharp cheddar.. and I'm not using kraft velveeta or whatever slices.. because it's just not as good as real cheese...

But I really need to make stir fry and use up the last of the tofu like I wanted.. before it all goes bad. I think I'll clean the fridge out tomorrow. I think there are 3+ week old sliced tomatoes in there. >..> And once you slice them, they're not good for that long. Anyway.. i'm making a lot more progress on yesterday's list.

I also finished The Last Battle today.. so no more Narnia... which means no more excuses for that matter. I think I want to post more on the books later, though. It's been years since I've read them all, and while I really don't think that my perception of them has changed, they seem a little shorter than I remembered. :( I don't know. I may get lazy and not post anything. I would like to say, however, that CS Lewis was perhaps the most optimistic and wonderful Christian I've ever not met. Everyone knows how blatant the religious references in those books are, but I never once thought they were overbearing. I can't help but think, after reading these, that he must have been a wonderful person. He could have been absolutely horrible for all I know, since I don't know much about him other than that he was apparently in the same reading circle as JRR Tolkein, and others. I've always wanted to read the Screwtape Letters, too, and I never have. :(
I really wish I had a big leatherbound hardcover of all the Chronicles of Narnia in one book. I wonder if there is anything like that out there. I'd also like it to have The Magician's Nephew in the proper place, since I know that while the events in the book happen before all others, it was not published until some time after The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The printing I have (Which has some very lovely Chris VanAllsburg covers, and maps of the land printed on the back page) have The Magician's Nephew listed as book one, though I know it's not the case.. and now I can't remember reading them in any different order. Though.. I KNOW I've read TLtWatW first before all others.

Anyway... need to finish patching this silly game... reheat some leftovers for dinner, and finish cleaning the kitchen


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