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Um, yeah

From my list yesterday, you saw I didn't get a damned thing done.
Well, I got some of the cosplay stuff done, but not nearly as much as I wanted. And I broke the bottom rule already. The one about not thinking about other costumes. This is really screwing me up. Because while NDK is very close to AFest, I will still have time to work on NDK stuff AFTER Aftest. I shouldn't start NDK stuff until I finish all Afest stuff. Period. Stop talking to me about NDK crap and help me out, people >..<
But anyway... My lack of productivity is blamed, in part, on the fact that I went ahead and read all of The Silver Chair yesterday. I still had time in the evening, but Akuma called me from work and told me to get on WoW.

I feel so totally useless and worthless and all that other good stuff.

At least.. I only have one book left. After I finish The Last Battle, I wonn't have any more Narnia books to procrastinate with.
I still don't know when I'm going to go out to the fabric store, though. I've become quite a hermit :(
At least Akuma doesn't seem to mind. >..<

Things to do today: See yesterday :(
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