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Back in Waco again~

I hate that drive. That drive sucks so much T..T
I'm glad to be home.. since driving from Waco to the Rio Grande Valley takes roughly 6 1/2 + hours, depending on weather, and traffic through Austin& San Antonio. We only stayed for about a day and a half. Unfortunately, it was when my mom was working, so we didn't really get to see her a whole lot. But damn, I hate the Valley.

It's grown a lot in the past few years. I noticed a lot of new& shiney stuff by I-35.. but as soon as you got farther into town, each town looked just like the ghetto peice of shit it always was. The valley, as a whole is starting to look more and more like the nicer tourist spots in the border towns of Mexico, and that's not a compliment. :( I hope that in time, the growth along the highway encourages more rennovation inside the towns, like the rennovation in downtown Weslaco...
But I seriously can't stand being down there.

We went to check out how much the mall has changed yesterday. We went to three different stores in which we required assistance, and we were ignored. I had to go up to the checkout at one of them to ask for help. It was Hot Topic.. and I didn't find out that the people standing around chatting were actually employees until I saw them come up and talk to the girl at the register. They just decided to chat and ignore everyone in the store. That didn't bother me as much as what happened at one of the other places, though. At the Footlocker there, we stood in front of the shoes for a good 10 minutes trying to find someone that worked there. I tried waving down the one employee that was out on the floor, and all he did was look at me and turn around and "help" people ont he other side of the store that didn't want anything. That really pissed me off... to the point that I'm considering writing a letter to the company about how rude their employees were. We also had problems getting a question answered in one of the music stores there. I'm not freaking invisible. Everyone was just freakin' rude.

Oh.. and somthing happened in town when we got back that was really funny.
Akuma was cut off by a police officer. We were driving down the main road here in town, and this cop started slowing down in front of us. Everyone goes around 40-45mph, and he was going... maybe 30 -..- We would have passed him, but our turn was coming up so we had to stay in the lane. Akuma signaled that he was moving into the turn lane to the right, and the cop continued next to us, slow as a motherfucker. All of a sudden, he swerved in front of us, WITHOUT signaling, turning his "Holy crap, I'm a blinkin' cop!" light on.. he just swirved in front of us, causing Akuma to hit the brakes in order not to hit him.
So omg.. hahaha. Akuma was cut off by a total jackass... who is paid to protect and serve. HAHAHA

Anyway.. left that valley hellhole around 1pm... got into Waco around 9pm.. damn.. I'm hungry.
And my cat only pretended to have missed me for about 10 minutes :(


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