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As of these first few keystrokes, it is 2:17 AM. I have been waiting for my little brother to arrive for around 2-4 hours now. I just got off the phone with him. He thought I was driving down to pick him up.

You know how much this pisses me off?

He told me the last time I talked to him on the phone that he would drive up tonight, and we'd all drive down to the valley tomorrow. We have to leave at like.. 9 fucking AM. And that's giving me an hour to wake up. We need to leave fucking early so we can drive while my husband is still awake. My husband is working right now. He works 8pm-9AM. He's not going to want to stay up very late, and he's not going to want to do a lot of extra shit. The reason my brother was originally supposed to come up was so that we could go to Houston and pick up my OTHER brother's car, and take it down to him. Even though that wasn't the plan anymore, he STILL said he'd drive up after work. Obviously, he didn't.

Now I've stayed up way fucking later than I was planning, waiting on his ass. I need to shower, and I didn't before, because I wasn't sure if he was going to show up when I was in the shower. Now my husband has to drive to Austin regardless of how tired he is, and we have to go find some stupid apartment because he wanted to go hang out with Celine. Celine is cool. We were going to visit her on the way through anyway. But jackass was supposed to drive my car from Waco to Austin so that HE could go to the apartment complex HE knew his way to, and my husband could rest.

Every fucking brother I own is an inconsiderate jackass. I don't even think I would have had any problem with the change of plans if he had told me... at say.. a fucking civil hour. Not 2 AM. Not while I've been waiting all evening for his sorry ass. Not while I still had shit to do that I was waiting on him for. I have half a mind not to go at all now. It's pissed me off. I know Akuma and myself would be more than happy to spare ourselves the fucking car trip. And he can't give me that shit he tried on the phone just now. "Oh.. I thought you knew....."

I'm not fucking psychic. What the hell am I supposed to think when last time we spoke, it was understood that HE was driving up HERE?

Or, I could be a real bitch and just drive down there and leave his ass in Austin. See how he likes waiting hours for someone who's not coming. Goddamn he pisses me off sometimes.



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