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Norn is starting to look like a weird renfest costume

I finished the base skirt tonight, and started work on the pink part of the outfit. By base skirt, I mean waistband& zipper. I haven't put the accents on it or trimmed it yet, because I needed to finish the pink part for that.
I'm kind or worried about the costume, though. I think I'm having some sort of allergic reaction to the dyes in this pink fabric. I may just be tired, though, since I wasn't having any problems with it when I made the hat. I had far less exposure time with the hat too, though. Anyway, for 9.99 decorator fabric, I'm very dissappointed in it. It's woven a lot more loosely than I first thought, so it snags easily. Also, the dye has been rubbing off on my fingers while I was pinning & sewing. Granted, this textile was not intended for garments, but for upholstery.. but still. I thought it would be a bit more durable. I can tell this stuff will look like hell after I wear it a few times, if I'm not careful.

Anyway.. no photos tonight because I haven't done enough with the costume yet. I need to finish tailoring the top, then trim everything. I also started the gloves, but I need to sew the fingers on them and hem them. Then I have to make the poofy pink sleeve things as well.. and I have to make the cape. I have to sew a buttonhole in the butt of the pink thing so I can slip the tail though. That's a fun thing to explain!

I'm starting to have my doubts about this costume now, though. Everything from the neck up looks super cute, but my poor self image is making me want to scrap the costume. I'm doubting if the wedding skirt will look ok, and whether or not I'll just look like a giant pink peep. I've put so much work into it so far.... I'm definitely finishing it and wearing it. I've lost a lot of confidence in it, though, since I stopped working on accessories. I dunno. I like to plan out every step of my costume in advance, so when I start working, I know what I'm doing and how I will do it. I've been working completely blind with this costume. The only pattern I've used is for the pink thing, and I had to modify it heavily. I really see my productivity and confidence waning when I get to parts of the costume I'm not so sure about. I'm glad that at the moment, everything on the costume is bigger than I need it, so I can tailor and trim it. After cutting out everything, it would really suck to have to do somthing over again. At this point, I don't have the fabric for that :P Here's for hoping the sleeves also go well.

I also need to work on N-kun's costume, and wait for the fabric for my commission to arrive.
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