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Woot! Makai Kingdom!

I didn't get ANY costuming done today D:
I picked the game up shortly after 12 noon, and played most of the day. It's not too bad. I'm enjoying it. I think I probably like Phantom Brave's gameplay a little better. Some of the additions- like the structures you can control, and the tanks you can ride around in- are really cool. I don't like how they have reverted back to some of Disgaea's gameplay, though. Disgaea was an awesome game.. but when they changed the battle system for Phantom Brave, I ended up really liking the changes. The battles seem to go faster, and I enjoy just sitting down and playing random dungeons in PB more than Disgaea. I was expecting the battle changes, but I wasn't sure how they'd play.
Also- The plot in this game seems really predictable :( And it's not because I've been reading the strat guide or anything. Double Jump is great about not including story elements or spoilers in their strat guides. And when they DO put even minor spoilers in, they put them all in one section in the middle of the book and flip the pages upside-down, so you can't accidentally read anything. They're such a great company T..T But yeah. I have my own idea of exactly what is going on in the game, and I think I've already figured out the ending :( I hope I'm wrong :P

I've finally made some real contact with Emily on her Animefest EGL costume. I'm really glad she got back to me, because I'm running out of time. I have maybe one solid month to sew before the con.. and I have two costumes in progress, no where near finished... and I have that commission I agreed to take up for Emily. I think she's providing all of the fabric, so I have to wait for that to arrive in the mail. I'm going to be working my ass off up until the last minute for this con XD And I really can't forget to pick stuff up for Iron Cosplay again. I love Animefest, so they get special love-love panels :P I decided to stop doing the panel for A-kon when I decided to stop going to A-kon all together.. and I probably wouldn't do it for Ushi if it wasn't for the fact that I have Makoto and Ringo to help out. I always drag one or two freinds with me to help out, but it's still a lot of work to set up and tear down that panel.. and I always end up spending 20+ bucks on prizes and supplies. I buy everything at the dollar store, so it helps a TON, but since I don't count on the cons to furnish prizes, all the ghetto prizes come out of my pocket. Blah. I hate dragging that big trashbag everywhere, too. Maybe we will go Ushi-exclusive after this. As long as Makoto& Ringo go, we'll run the panel. But I don't like dragging that bag around with our massive ammuont of cosplay crap XD

Before I forget! Ringo is probably too modest to mention it, but voting is up on cosplaylab.com for the Digiko look alike contest. Go vote for her!!
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