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Now I'm done with all the fun parts of the Norn costume.. :(

I made Norn's tail today. It's very cute!!
The magic of tail attachment still eludes me, though. I ran asom really thin copper tubing through the tail and it's working really well. I was worried that the batting in the tail would make it too heaving for the thinner tubing, but it's worked out quite well. I haven't used this thinner tubing for any wings, but I think it's the kind that Ringo& Makoto used on their Full Moon wings.
Instead, I've been using it to make crap stand on end. Like my Shiina bow.
It's used int he tails of the bow to make them stand out.

Anyway... It's holding the weight of Norn's tail really well, but I still don't have a good way of strapping it to my butt. I remembered what Celine used for her Zidane tail, and I thought that would work wonderfully, but the thinner copper tubing is not as strong as the armature wire she used. We don't have any local art supply stores, either, so I'm not sure where to get it. I know that the Baylor Bookstore has a small selection of art supplies there, but I'm not sure I ever remembered seeing armature wire there. I suppose I can call around town, or just hope this copper tubing holds up. In my test wearing, it didn't move around too much on it's own, and felt really sturdy.. so I think if I just wrap all the rest of the coil around my waist, underneath the pink over-skirt/thing, it should be fine. We'll see.

The integrity of this computer is quickly degrading. After a whole weekend of working on it with N-kun, we're still not sure what is wrong. It looks like I am going to have to clear it off, and reformat the hard drive. If that doesn't fix it, I'll have to try a brand new HD. If THAT doesn't work, we may just get a new computer, and use this one for parts until we find the part that sucks.

I'm going to post this now, and edit it to include a link to the same cosplay.com gallery for tail photos. I don't want to computer to lock up again before this gets posted. If you can't wait, go to the link in my previous post :)

Edit: Edit completed! :O Since it looks like I'll be using my Cosplay.com gallery mostly for these in progress shots, you don't get seperate URLs for photos. They'll just all be in my in-progress gallery on cosplay.com
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