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24 July 2005 @ 08:24 pm
Weekend of hard work with modest progress. Got more done than it looks....  
So.. N-kun visited this weekend. He arrvied on Sat, and left today. In those two days, I had to get most of his Klein costume out of the way, or I wouldn't be able to do a final fitting on him by AFest. o..o
Surprisingly, everything went really well! This does not bode well for my Norn costume, though...
Her hat, ears, wig, and wand have all turned out nicely so far. The tail will turn out well, too. But I guarantee you that as soon as I start working on the actual garment, everything will go to hell because my luck has been amazingly good.

Well, I can't say that exactly.

My luck with garments has been pretty good. My luck with my machine has been pretty bad.

This weekend, I finished N-kun's silly suede pants. I used the simplicity pattern for clown pants that I used for Gogo. (Traditional French clown pants. Not the ones with the hula hoop waistband...) So, of course.. they ride up the crotch& ass. Every pants pattern I've ever made has been like that. I keep thinking I'm doing somthing wrong.. but the only pants patterns I've used have been Simplicity.. so maybe they just don't know how to make pants. I also (mostly) finished his shirt. I'm pretty proud of this thing, for no good reason. I still have to put the brown details on the sleeves, but everything else is done. It's a silly shirt. It's a long, ribbed, knit turtleneck with extra long sleeves. The hands do not go through the sleeve holes, though. They fit at the knuckle with a thumb hole in the sleeve. They are weird. I also started the vest/jacket/cape/thing, but I don't have enough done on that for photos. The front and the back are sewn together. Big whoop :P

Anyway.. that was the good luck.. the bad luck came when some thread from the bobbin got wedged in the machine somewhere, causing the plastic bobbin casing to jump up and twist out of it's home. The needle punctured the bobbin casing 2-3 times, and now it makes a funny clunking noise when I sew with it. I'm really dissappointed that my new machine has had problems after so little use. It's still under warranty, though, so I'm thinking about taking it in sometime in September to get it taken care of. If somthing like that had happened with my old machine.. the metal bobbin casing would have caused the needle to snap. I would have changed needles, and everything would have gone on as normal. This machine certainly can't take the beating my old one could. I don't know why it got jammed in the first place, either. I'm also having problems with it winding the bobbin tightly, so it might have started from a loose bobbin.
I'm afraid that with as much as I know about sewing, etc, I still have way more left to learn. I'm certain that there is a lot I will never know, too.

I also think that my computer is well and truly fucked. I need to start dumping things from the HD asap, because I think we're going to have to format to make it behave. The list of things it's doing and not doing is so long it's scary, and we can't seem to find a reason. N-kun things that somthing in the HD may have gotten corrupted, and since this particular HD is so old, it's probably due for a reformatting just to keep everything happy. I'm going to have to track down and re-download some stuff... get Photoshop from N-kun again, and do a few other things.. but it'll be nice to start with a clean HD again. There are many things on here, like Diablo II, that say they haven't been used since like 2002.. but I can't bear to delete them because Akuma spent a lot of time playing them. Besides.. he might decide to randomly come back to somthing, & it won't be there :O He can be like that. I keep coming back to Heroes of Might& Magic III, and Warcraft :) I loved Warcraft III, so many times I get weirdly nostalgic when playing World of Warcraft, and want to go fool around with a strat game again :)

Oh yeah... Fire Emblem is still pissing me off >:( But I got Riviera in the mail a few days ago, so I might try that next time I take a sewing break.

Oh yeah! I suppose you guys want photos. I dunno. You may not care. I'll link to the in-prog gallery at cosplay.com again anyway.
If anything, check out how silly Klein's base garments look without the vest& cloak& boots
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Celineceline on July 25th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)
Bleh at your machine. Tell it to quit sucking! The picture with Nick wearing the hat and holding the rest of your costume pieces is uh... well, it made me smile. XD I need to get to sewing soon. I've been so busy worrying about my apartment, I haven't really started on anything.

What the heck is Riviera, it sounds kind of familiar? I've been playing bits of La Pucelle, I found it the other day at Fry's. I wanted Shining Force, but Fry's didn't have it.
HIDE your facekyonomiko on July 25th, 2005 06:42 pm (UTC)
Riviera is like a really ghetto choose your own adventure, except you don't get to choose XD
But it might get better later on, I don't know. I'm still at the very beginning. You basically push a direction button to move, then push the A button to look around.. and sometimes you have battles XD hahaha

Yeah, that photo of N-kun makes me laugh, too. It's the only photo I have of him with a REAL smile XD
(Anonymous) on July 25th, 2005 02:34 pm (UTC)
heh, if you like WC3 and want some time in on that, lemme know and if nothing else we can probably get you me and Mikayla up in a game. She and I have been consistently getting our butts kicked in cooperative play and it'd be good to have someone else in there, maybe. ^_^

(oh, and I MIGHT actually get an LJ, I'll let you know if THAT happens, but I thought up a reason for making one, rampant facist political ramblings ^_-)
HIDE your facekyonomiko on July 26th, 2005 05:38 am (UTC)
I don't have the Frozen Throne expansion, and there's a good chance I'll be reformatting my HD within the next few days, so I can't commit to any WC3 time with you guys yet :(

You should get a livejournal. You're missing all the locked posts with the dirt you can blackmail me with :O
puppyfuupuppyfuu on July 26th, 2005 02:24 pm (UTC)
haha... >_>
Anyway, I said I'd let you know, so here ya go, I encourage you to read my first ever LJ post tho. ^_- Oh, and np on Frozen Throne, I don't have it either, we play just plain jane vanilla WC3. I play orcs (because Arthas was a TOTAL dork) and Mikayla plays Night Elves (@_@). Anyway, it's not like we play OFTEN, mainly because we don't think of it or something, but I hope your computer issues fix soon. And hey, at least it's not your car... sheesh, and do I have stories about CAR issues -_- (or at least, issues with the MORONS that are supposed to be fixing my car).