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Wig is about 89% finished, ears are about 75% finished. I have yet to start on the actual garments!

So yeah.. this isn't the entire gallery. I'm just linking directly to the in progress costume stuff...

But I'm almost done with the wig for Norn. It's been completely colored now, and mostly styled. I want to work on that curl a little bit. I think some of the spots where I sewed the curl back are highly visible. The thread matches the wig color wonderfully, but IMO a few parts look like they have bobby pins in them when they shouldn't. I don't know. I almost just want to leave it that way, because it's a lot more stable. I'm also debating trying to flip the bottom out a little bit. In some of the character art, it looks straight just like the photo. In other photos, it looks a little floofier. It's very close as-is, though, so I might just leave that, too. Otherwise, I'm happy with how the wig has turned out so far!

The ears have given me a little more trouble than I was expecting. I tried two different patterns for it, and actually settled on the more complicated one I came up with. that front part that folds down is actually a seperate peice. Fortunately, the fur is thick with a high pile. I sewed the seam along the top by had, so I could make sure there wasn't a lot of fur caught in the seam, and it turned out beautifully. You can't see the seam at all. While the character art doesn't have white tips at the ends of Norn's ears, I thought it would be really cute to add it. Her tail is tipped in white, and I wanted the ears to match. IT's been really tricky making it look natural, though. I've been razor-cutting the white pile with an exacto knife (like you would razor-cut real hair) to make it look more natural and not all the same length. I think the end results are very nice.
I haven't really figured out how to attach them, though. They need to sit low, so that they rest at the brim of the hat when it's on my head. They also need to cover my ears. They can do both, but... I may not be able to sew them into the wig like that. I might be able to sew the tops into the wig and spirit gum the lower parts onto my face to look more authentic. As long as you're not looking INTO Norn's ears, you shouldn't be able to see mine! I don't know. I need to play with all of this when both the ears are 100% finished, and once the wig is also 100%
I'm still working on one of the ears, and trying to decide what to do about the raw edge that sits against the face. It's a little itchy, but not bad. I don't want to cover it with any sort of fabric, though, becasue you'll be able to see it around the outside, and it'll mess with the pile of the fur.

I sliced my thumb rather deeply on my cheap sewing scissors today :( They're just my Fiskars, but damn.. they're sharp! My Harry Potter band aid is protecting it in the meantime D:
I also need to take my NICE shears someplace to be sharpened... the ginghers that Ringo gave me as a graduation gift. They've somehow developed a nasty nick right in the middle of the blade. I really hope that it can be ground out, because I will be very depressed if the scissors are ruined. They still cut beautifully, unless you're trying to cut somthing like satin or organza. Then it snags on the little nick in the blade >..<

Anyway... everyone please go check out the link at the top of the post! I'm really proud of those ears so far :) And the wig, too, I guess. It was my first time coloring a whole wig with sharpie. D: (Incidentally, I was VERY impressed that office despot (hehehehe) carried the 4-packs of silver sharpies. That saved me a lot of trouble!)


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