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This was really odd.. I got is off Sailor Pluto's LJ
Wu-tang names.. or somthing.
I jsut love little games..
Anyway.. My Wu name is:

Auxillary Priest

And if I put in both my internet handles, it is:
Gorky`s Zygotic Glove Puppet

and my boyfreind's is:
Touchy-Feely Unpublished Poet

And his internet handle's name is:
Vangelic Surgeon

Isn't that just damn hilarious?
I kinda like mine..

You know you want one, too.

Incidentally, Meiou Setsuna's name is:
the Winged Crow

X's Seishiro sakurazuka's is:
Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard

X's Kamui Shiro:
Homicidal Terrahawk

Fuuma monou
100-Watt Warlock

Kotori monou:
Bilious Bad Janitah

The Cure's Robert Smith (this is weird)
Excitable Misunderstood Genius

And incidentally, the above is the same for Kyo as well, if you put Kyo for both the first and last name

:P This one's for you, Kiji-kun..
If you put "Kijima" as the first name, and "Womanhater" for the second, you get:
Embryonic Crusadah

That's all for now.. if I get bored, expect more...heh
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