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More costume progress today!

Today I finished Norn's hat. I can't say I'm 100% happy with how it turned out, because it has a few flaws I can't really do anything about anymore.... but I still do like it.
I'm not completely happy with the shape of the hat. I used a cowboy hat for a base, because in the sprites.. it looks like a cowboy hat with a pointy top that droops behind the hat. I did this, but I think it looks a little tall in the midsection. I added some padding, which made it better. It has a much better shape now. It's a little tall, though.... I don't think I could fix it unless I cut a portion of the hat off. That might be an option for later. I don't know. If the hat is cocked back, it looks fine when photographed. It looks just like the sprite.

In any case, I'd like you guys to check it out. I had a lot of trouble finding good fabric in the right color for this costume, so I deviated and used a print. Normally I could consider it some sort of sacrilige, but I think it looks ok. It's a nice print and doesn't scream at you. I think it compliments some of the textures I'm using, like the fake leather, etc, better than a normal twill would.
And check it out. I'm actually using my cosplay.com gallery for in progress stuff instead of mucking up P-W.org Ringo& Makoto can appreciate that!!
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