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Not really news, but...

I am so sick and tired of people posting ebay auctions in communities saying that a garment is perfect for cosplay. So what if the socks are from a famous EGL designer? If they're a solid color, you could buy a pair from wal-mart, and no one would know the difference. >..<
There are sooo many auctions that just jam ugly shirts and skirts, etc into the cosplay category because they think that by saying it's for cosplay, they can get rid of it fast.

Now, if it's REALLY ugly, it'd probably be great for fruits or somthing..

But geez.

I don't mind seeing auctions posted for props or complete cosplay garments that are recreated with a character/series in mind. (Utena school uniform for series example) But random chunks of hair, plain undergarments, ugly clothes from the mall that say "pussy" with a photo of a cat on front, etc....
gah... rage! SMASH!



Other than that, I've been pretty lazy today. I think there's somthing wrong with my computer. It's been acting up since Akuma fixed it. (A fan blew out last week, and a stick of ram was accidentally screwed up. Fan and Ram have been replaced, computer is reading RAM, but it's acting kinda dodgy now) Since Cosmic seemed highly amused by the 10 points thing he tagged me to do, I'll keep is short. You guys are probably bored and skimming through the rest of this by now anyway.

1. Returned bad Nyko PsP Theatre Experience for a new one. Hopefully this one will work. Otherwise, I will have to fight my store for 80 bucks in store credit, because I guarantee they won't give a cash refund.

2.Bought Constantine. I'm a sucker for the good spots in this movie. I can overlook the bad. For the 3 extra bucks it cost for the limited edition, I might even look at the special features disk D:

3.Had another Green Tea frappuchino to try to determine if they make me sick. I felt sick last time I had one. But it tasted so good! Today is the confirmation run. Will it kill me? Who knows! Gotta make sure...

4.Started coloring a wig. I have officially given up on my Cassandra costume. Why? Because I was too lazy to order a seperate wig for Norn... and I'll probably end up liking my Norn costume a lot. So, I bought a GENERIC silver permenant marker to color it with. Since I can't find silver sharpies. And this one came in a 4 pack.. so I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out of ink >..>

5. Helped even the color on the wig with a napkin soaked in cheap vodka. hehehe... I couldnt' find any rubbing alcohol.. it works :X My costume involves liquor!!

Only 5 points today, since I'm not going to itemize the more disgusting parts of cleaning the house. :P

Edit: Found out about a series I might like. Looks like it came out 3 months or so ago.. and it's already been licensed. I don't really know anything about it, but I say I might like it because, well.. it's a supernatural thriller kinda thing, and the art looks pretty. It's called Trinity Blood All the illustrations I've seen for the manga look like a cross between Ayami Kojima (Castlevania fame) and Mitsukazu Mikara (Gothic lolita illustrations/ "Doll" manga) Just check these illustrations out. Of course.. the anime looks nothing like it.. but I'm interested in the series now. (Did I mention Buck-Tick does the opener?)

Also, where on earth do I get boots like these?? D:
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