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Back to work: I need cheering up from HP book 6 D:

Cosplay photos, yay! I'm starting to wonder if I should create a member gallery on cosplay.com for this sort of thing, like Makoto& Ringo do. I imagine it's to save space on our site, because all my other in progress photos were mercilessly purged this last update XD I was ok with it. I just forget from time to time that I can't link to those photos anymore XD

I'm ALMOST done with this stupid wand now. I really like it. All I have left is some paint retouching, and then I have to decide if I'm going to permentantly attach the head to the wand itself. Silly decision, I guess, but it stays so well on it's own.. D:

These close ups still dont' work with the flash
So here's the best shot, with a videotape next to it for size comparison

Lookin' pretty slick, huh?!?! :X

The head and the decorative gold mounting beneath it were both hand carved from plain old white styrofoam, sealed with mod podge, wet sanded, etc multiple times, then painted. The head is painted with White, then painted over with a metallic patina& sealed with another coat of mod podge. The gold rings beneath it were painted with a burnished gold& also sealed again with mod podge.

The wand part itself is made out of a cheap 1.00 kid's twirling baton I found at Hastings. I sawed the smaller rubber stopper off the top, since it wouldn't pull off on it's own. The bottom was spray-painted with a metallic paint, since it wouldn't take the other kind of paint on it's own, and wouldn't hold a primer. But it took spraypaint. Whatever. I'm going to try painting over it with the burnished gold model paint now, to make it uniform. I'll also try mod podging it to seal the paint, instead of using a spray sealer.

But oh my god, this thing smells horrible!

Anyway.. since this is about done, I've started work on the main portion of the costume. N-kun agreed to be my Klein, so we'll have two main characters at Afest! He bought all his fabric, and I bought mine. I'm taking quite a few liberties with this costume, though. I can say that now. And canon cosplayers might be kind of shocked. Her character art shows her outfit to be blocks of solid colors, but I've chosen a patterned fabric for her main outfit. She's a sea of pink. I've had some serious problems finding the right color in the right KIND of fabric. Normally, I would just pick a nice white suiting or twill and dye it the nessesary color, but I really can't do that with this one, since there's such a large sea of color, and I can NEVER get a peice of fabric to dye 100% completely uniformly. You can always tell it's been dyed by hand. It has a nice look to it, but I don't want that for this costume. So, I chose an upholstery fabric that was only slightly shiny, and had a matte curlyque pattern woven into it. I think it looks quite lovely, and N-kun didn't think it would detract from it at all. That left me with a satin taffeta underskirt. I'm still not sure how I feel about that, but I think it will also look great once I get it finished. It'll be a creative costume at least. No flat textures here!

I'm working on the hat now, though. Photos upcoming in a day or two. It's going to be cool! The base hat is a cowboy hat. I've been planning it since I decided on the costume. It's going to be fun, and it'a already almost finished.
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