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Cosmic sucks. Why tag me? >:(

Oh well. Since I'm winding down from somthing exhausting, and I was thinking about updating anyway, I might as well...List 10 things about my last 24 hours:

1. Salvaged my wand head. Photos to come after I get the actual wand peice and start working on the ahem "molding"
2. Slept really well
3. Thought about what I would wear to the Harry Potter release tonight
4. Ate at Subway :P
5. Tortured my cat... He got some more tuna-flavored "Intestinal Lubricant" last night.
6. Saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and it was much better than I had anticipated! And I love anything with Burton/Elfman/Depp together D: I cried at parts :X
7. Washed Akuma's corvette. Since it won't start, I couldn't move it out of the carport, and the only spigot we have on the house farther away than all my hoses combined. I had to haul bucket after bucket outiside D:
8. Looked up Deep Roy on IMDB. He's ALL the oompa loompahs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's kinda freaky, but it works REALLY well!
9. Played some World of Warcraft
10. Checked my email D: (For those of you wondering, there was non :X)

(I, however, will not tag anyone :P do it of you want, though)


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