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Dear Krylon, you lying bastards:

I had a bit of a scare this afternoon. I thought my prop was done for. The prop being the wand head I've been working on for the past WEEK.
It took 2-3 days to fully carve by hand, and another 3+ days of coating and wet-sanding with mod podge to get a satisfactory result. I felt like a complete moron when I was trying to dry-sand it, and was getting no where. After *gasp* reading the bottle, they suggested wet-sanding, and that worked a LOT better. ANYWAY... It's taken me roughly 6 days to get it to a point where I am happy with it. I don't think it will snap if someone bumps into it. I think it will take quite a bit of effort to tear it, too. The mod podge hasn't made it rock hard, as hoped, but rather rubbery, which also works. And today, I thought all that work was for nothing when a Krylon product rated for all sorts of surfaces failed me >:(
I bought this Krylon outdoor primer specifically for the fact that it states it can coat rubber and plastic. As some of you know from my early cosplay days, and from your own trial and error... the chemicals in primers and spray paints cause some plastics to become permenantly sticky& tacky. This can't really be remedied. I found that coating the object in clear nailpolish is a good quick fix to keep it from rubbing off on you, but it eventually wears off, itself. Well, Confident in this primer, I sprayed one side of my wand head. I came back a few hours later, after it had a chance to dry, and I had rememberd about it again.. and the motherfucker was tacky as all fuck! >:(

I was really worried that it had been completely ruined, because if I couldn't get primer to stick to it without becoming tacky, I couldn't spray paint it for an even coat of paint. The spraypaint would also become tacky. The whole purpose of spending 3 days covering it in mod podge was
1) to make it durable enough to last a few years
2) to seal it so it would be safe to spraypaint. The chemicals in spray paint will dissolve styrofoam. It's fun, and true. But not good for props.

So I decided to see if I could salvage it by sanding off the primer I could, and coating it in mod podge and sanding it again...

Well, the primer managed to cause one small spot on one side of the head to turn into a nasty puddle of white goo. It's still not perfect, but it's fixed, and I bet no one will be able to find it.
However.. one coat was not enouhg to cover all the tackiness. It WILL cover it, but it will probably take another 2 days to cover it up. I'm getting sick and tired of working on this thing, too, so I'm going to call it quits.
I'm going to head down to the craft store soon to buy a dowling rod for the body of the wand, and when I do, I'll buy some white acrylic paint. It won't look as nice, since there will be brush strokes all over this damned thing.. but at least the water-based acrylics won't eat away at the mod podge anymore. If I had some white latex house paint, I think I'd use that.

Anyway.. this whole thing blows :(

I also tried that new green tea frappuchino at Starbucks on Ringo's reccommendation. It was very tasty. However, I seem to have problems with things like unprocessed coffee beans and tea powder. The few occassions I've eaten those chocolate covered coffee beans, I've felt like absolute crap. Dizzy, worn down& sore throat. The same happened with the frappuchino today. In retrospect, I remember them adding the powdered tea directly to the drink. And, while it was very good, for the rest of the afternoon today, I also felt like crap. I don't know what it is, but I guess I just can't handle the stuff too well when it's not dumped in boiling water.

So, I made some soup tonight. It was cheddar-brocolli from a bag, and it was ok. I had way more than I could really eat, so I made some rice, and combined that with the soup& some steamed broccoli into a casserole. Should be good. I dunno. IT was somthing to do with the leftovers that was easier to store than soup. Guh. I'm still not feeling well and now I'm pissed at this prop >:(
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