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Fantastic 4 was excitingly bad!

I'm glad I got to go out and see it. The action and special effects were great, but Akuma and I spent the rest of the day making fun of the plot and dialogue. We were also debating as to whether or not the movie answered the age old F4 fandom question as to whether or not Mr. Fantastic could stretch his genitals and have them still function :P According to the lovely dialogue, since he is MADE OF RUBBER (and not just stretchy) heat from friction would cause him to become very floppy, as it was shown to effect him in the movie. Granted, I never really liked the Fantastic 4 as a comic, so Akuma and I just had tons of fun tearing it apart. Don't fall into the plotholes, kids! It's a long way down!

Aside from that, I managed to conquer Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana last night, and subsequently unlocked the bonus dungeon this afternoon. Then I spent a good ammount of time applying mod podge to this stupid wand headpiece. I tried taking some pictures, but since I had to hold it to keep it from getting goop everywhere, it was way too close to the flash. The white styrofoam reflected back a lot of light, so it's hard to see some of the details. I tried turning it at an angle to show the front and back, but I don't think it will really look that great until I get it rock hard, sanded, painted, and photographed from a distance.

In any case, it's my first complex sculpting project in years, so I'm happy with how it has turned out so far :)
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