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Atelier Iris gives me mammoth dandruff

This game makes me just want to make props. Screw the costumes. I want to make staves and wands and crap!
So, I've been playing with styrofoam tonight. I'm working on Norn/Zeldalia's wand. It's the first time I've tried to sculpt a major part of a prop out of styrofoam. Usually I use fiberglass, but this has too much detail. The BEST way to do it would be to sculpt it out of clay, make a mold, then cast it in fiberglass. However.. I'm lazy, and there were two styrofoam blocks in my cosplay supplies calling my name. Sanding it has spread styrofoam dust and flakes EVERYWHERE, though. When I looked in the mirror, it looked like I had the world's worst case of dandruff D:
I must admit, it's looking pretty cool so far, but I'm not sure how to make it sturdy. I've been covering it in mod podge to seal it for painting. I remember Makoto's first set of Cherry headgear was made with mod-podge covered styrofoam, and they were quite hard and deadly. I'm not sure how many coats I would need to make this staff peice that evil, though. I can't really cover it in bondo or fiberglass because it has too much detail to be just covered with the stuff. Plus, it's styrofoam. As N-kun would remember (if he read LJ that is,) styrofoam+ most chemicals= disaster. I know from Millenia experience that no matter how sealed you think a peice of styrofoam is, it'll still melt if you try to cover it in fiberglass :/
Also... it has portrusions.. so it's kinda fragile right now. I really don't know what the best thing to do for this prop is going to be. Since I have a lot of time yet until Afest, I'm going to continue to cover it in mod podge, and see if I can make it rock hard.
I'm taking a few liberties with the wand to make it look better. If you look at Zeldalia or Norn's art here, the wands look boring and flat. It looks like a 2 in thick slab with the shape cut into it. However, the wand looks a lot more rounded in the in-game and in-battle sprites. I like the sprite wands a lot better. They're actually more detailed than the character art wands, more rounded, and all around better looking. I like Zeldalia's sprite better than her character art, too. The color scheme is slightly different, but I like it better. I like Norn's character art better than her in-game, though... Better pastels on the skirt. The rose/cream looks better than pink/yellow :P

I still haven't decided which one to costume yet, though.... I'm really leaning towards Norn. I'm going to have to take a few liberties with her costume, though, because I like her sprite gloves better than the strange hand-covers in her character art. Her collar and cape are different in both, too... I basically like the sprite a lot better... but I'd use her character art color scheme.

Blah, I dunno. I'm not even sure that it would look good on me :/

Birthday stuff:

Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday :) And Um... thanks, I think, to Ringo, who found an embarassingly hideous photo of me and Bevo messing around in our Akazukin Chacha costumes.. haha.

Akuma baked me a carrot cake yesterday. I was so shocked! He also bought me a very cute jewelry box, and picked up some kitchen gadgets I wanted. My mother in law mailed me a ladybug toe ring, and a ladybug wallet with 20 bucks in it! Woot! :D
I had a pretty nice day. We went and bought stuff for Senpu at Petsmart, ate at the new Cheddar's that opened (kinda mediocre D: ) and pointed and laughed at Gamesplort. Supposedly I'm going to get a free artbook with my Makai Kingdom reserve.. when they get it in :/

Tomorrow, we might go see that really hideous Fantastic 4 movie. I'm looking forward to that :)

I'm also looking forward to my next Jo Ann's coupon, since I really don't want to buy the 10 yards or whatever or fabric that I'm going to need for Norn. To make that skirt and top properly, i'ts going to take a ton of fabric. D: And maybe even a horsehair braid hoopskirt D: and 100000 yards of stiff interfacing D:


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