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More drugs for kitty

Senpu's follow up visit to the vet on Tues went well. He still hates me, I think. But, since the first visit for this intestinal virus problem, he's only vomited once, and it was mostly hairball. The vet said his intestines felt a lot better, and he's gained the weight he lost while he was sick. Since he isn't puking up all his food, he's eating less, and just generally healthier. We were able to give him a treat last night and he didn't puke it up right away, so I was really happy about that. He seemed really enthusiastic about it.. which makes me think that perhaps before (when he was sick) he wasn't as enthusiastic about getting things like tuna as he used to be, but I could have been wrong.

I've taken on a bit of commission work for Malophyte and her good freind V. Since their store is having a HUGE Harry Potter release party, and everyone is dressing up, they wanted to commission me for some robes. Surprisingly, I'm not making Hogwart's robes, though. I was kind of surprised that they wanted custom made robes for a Harry Potter event, but didn't want them accurate to the Harry Potter costumes XD Since I know at least one of them plans to wear it on other occassions, though, I can see why she didn't want strictly Harry Potter.. but still. Custom tailored garment & not a recreation of a garment for this kind of event?? I'm surprised!

So, I'm working on getting it finished today. I have to make a robe and a cloak. The robe is almost finished. I need to trim& hem the bottom seam, and attach a frog closure on the front, and it should be set. It's a black robe with a black satin lining. The outer portion is a rather heavy, scratchy black upholstery material. There's no pattern on it, but it was the closest we found (in stock) to a nice twill suiting, and it was on clearance for 3 bucks a yard.
When we were looking through there, I found some gorgeous antique gold-colored decorator satin for 10 dollars a yard. It's really thick, and feels soft without being too slippery. I would say it's closer in texture to a bridal satin than the casa satins they normally stock. I think this stuff will be a lot easier to work with, too. D: So pretty!! I bought 6 yards with one costume in mind, but it's a costume I've always wanted to do and never been able to find the correct fabrics... so I really don't think it's anywhere near completion. This is because I haven't been able to find the perfect yellow/gold upholstery print for it yet. If I really get serious about the costume, I might make a trip to Dallas to go to Golden D'Hor and look around there.
I felt stupid, though, because I bought this gold fabric for somthing I wasn't going to work on immediately, but I didn't buy any red satin or red cord trim for this other project I'm working on. I bought this really pretty asian dress over a year ago, but the bottom was different than I was expecting it to be. I bought it on ebay from this one seller that I was already buying somthing from. The dress looked like it flared out at the bottom, and it did.. but not the way I though it did. So, it was a bit tighter around the hips than I wanted it to be. So, I decided to slit it up the sides and put a red satin circle skirt underneath. For those of you who have played Guilty Gear, I guess the closest description I can think of is somthing similar to Jam Kurodoberry's outfit, but not as short. I tried it on with my rabi skirt underneath to get an idea of what it would look like, and I think it'll be nice. I need to get satin instead of that weird stuff I made the rabi skirt from, and I don't think I'm going to need a big petticoat. We'll see. I wish I had bought some red satin while I was there.. and the trim I need.. instead of spending a ton of money on that gold satin.. but... chances are, I wouldn't be able to find the gold again when I'm ready to work with it.. and the red satin I can get anywhere.


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