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You win my award for duct tape hero, Mr. Vash


Always thought this guy's costume was neat:
(Top photos)

Hmm.. other thoughts..

KT! Found you! He didn't get the greatest picture of you, though, so I hope you take some more photos of the costume all put together when you get back home, so I can see the details, etc :(
Ellya! Didn't know you went to Expo D: You're looking great! :D

hehehe... an Ashton! XD

Second from the bottom: Ice mage from Disgaea: Great costume!

And to the ninjas one photo down from her: Did you realize you were posing in front of a photo of NSYNC? XD haha

Yay! Found Makoto
I knew you could get it done! (And if it's not done, don't tell anyone, or they won't know :P)
And Ringo!
I want a better photo of yours, though, Ringo :( Front view would be nice. Looks like the jacket is patterned? I want to see!

Anyway, yeah. N-kun was at this con with you? He dodged photos well this time :P

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