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If I had paid any sort of attention to the Expo guest list, I would have freaked out.
I would have also sent copies of the Hellsing manga with Makoto, Ringo& N-kun to get autographed D:
And maybe some random crap for Ueda to autograph, since he's worked on so many series I like. I'm not usually super enthusiastic about directors and producers, but Ueda's produced most of Yoshitoshi Abe's series (Lain, Haibane, Technolyze)and Hellsing, and probably a lot of crap I don't know about... And in the interviews I've seen with Abe& Ueda, Ueda is always very enthusiastic about his projects, and works really closely with his staff. I have a lot of respect for the guy, and I love a lot of the stuff he's worked on. Because of all the interviews, etc, he's probably one of the only behind-the scenes industry guys I'd recognize on sight XD
But anyway... more Hellsing! YAY!

From the Expo photos I've seen on fansview...

There are a lot of iRO cosplayers o..O I think I've seen more iRO cosplayers than Naruto cosplayers so far.
I've added a new rule on my cosplay identification list. If it looks stupid, and it's a pirate, it's from One Peice. Sorry guys, I just don't like one peice. I don't like the art, I don't much like the story, and the characters are all really.. um.. wacky. But not in the good way.

This goes along with the rules:

If it looks like a ninja, it's probably from Naruto.
If it looks really complicated, and I can't identify it, it's probably from Magna Carta (Though by now, I think I've seen most of the Magna Carta character designs, so MC cosplayers are easier to spot. I'd by default say this rule applied to random Amano character designs, but I'm too familiar with his work to really say that now..)
If it looks stupid, and it's a pirate, it's probably from One Peice

Celine and I started making up cosplay identification rules at KKC, because she hadn't seen any Naruto, but knew it was super popular. We decided all ninjas were now from Naruto. Even if they're ghetto ninjas with glowsticks or toiletpaper. It's from Naruto now :P


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