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Aetlier Iris: The game that ALMOST makes me want to sew

It's a lot of fun so far!
I unfortunately had to go into Gamestop to pick it up, though. Mngr& Ast Mngr were there.. neither being people I particulartly enjoy talking to. But.. they had to fake nicities! District manager was visiting! HAHAHAHA

Anyway.. the game is really cute so far. Battles are a little slow, kinda like Tales of Destiny. Lots of load time between short battles, kinda thing.
The thing that really wowed me about this game, though, are the character designs. I mean, they didn't "wow" me when I was looking at promotional art, but I think that's because I'm just not keen on the character designs for the main guy& main girl characters. I mean, they're not bad, but they don't make me want to run out and start buying fabric. Don't get me wrong. If I was thinner, I would probably like to do the main girl's outfit, because it's really cute and purple. But... gah. Short skirt& leotards don't really do it for me.

However.. this game has a LOT of great character designs, even for lesser characters. I'm looking at 3 I really like so far. I see a lot of room for interesting fabrics, embellishments, and other details that I could get away with and still make it look great. I think that the art style lends itself to more plush fabrics. Things with a little nap or pile, like moleskins, suedes, or even things with a little stiffness and sheen, like leather, etc. http://www.rpgamer.com/games/atelier/aiem/aiemart.html
Check out the images named: Norn, Zeldalia, Mana Darkness, and Combined. They're all close to the top. Those are the three I;m thinking about. Norn& Zeldalia essentially have the same outfit, but different colors. I've never done a catgirl or a costume with a silver wig, so Norn would really be cool. It would be cute, wouldn't show too much leg, and I'd get to make really cute ears& a tail.. and a cute hat :D (Looks like I could just cover a cheap cowboy hat with fabric, and sew the tall part on top of it. Super easy, and would look great after I trimmed it with suede-type fake leather) With either one, I'd get to abuse fake gems, cast fiberglass for the staff head, and all sorts of other fun stuff. It would be a tough decision between the two, though, becaue I really like purple better than pink... but if I went with purple, I wouldn't get ears or a tail.. haha.
The mana, Darkness, is awesome, too, though. Her design is black/yellow, which is really striking. I'd have to custom make a brown wig, though :( I'd get a crown, and I could make it out of taffetas and satins and get away with it. The MAIN drawback of this costume is the fact that.. she has no legs :( She's got like a green slime blob to show she's floating or somthing.. I guess.... That, and if I made Darkness's costume, people would probably think I was from Magna carta. But I really really like the top of the dress design! So, it's a hard choice. And it's the first time I'm really not leaning towards any of the three any more than the others.

But I think it's awesome that I'm thinking about sewing again. I just don't know what to sew. Thoughts??
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