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Dishwasher has been leaving little spots on the dishes for a while now, but it never bothered me much. Lately, however, it's just not cleaning things. Gotta call a repairman. In the meantime, I'm washing dishes the "old-fashioned way," in the sink. I forgot how much I hated washing them. I like drying them, though. But my brother's not here, so I can't force him to wash while I dry, like I used to. Until then, my hands feel gross, smell gross, but at least the dishes are clean. I just can't put up with the crusted pasta sauce the dishwaser is baking into the plates now. WTF.

Oh well. >..< I would rather they were done right then come out of the dishwasher LOOKING clean. I really wouldn't trust them enough to eat off them after I've seen how some of these dishes come out looking.

Oh yeah.. film buffs can stop hating me now. I must admist a dirty secret. I had never seen Frederico Fellini's 8 1/2. While you probably didn't know that in the first place, it's too late to chastise me about it now, since I rented it and watched it this afternoon. After watching the whole thing, I understood how appropriate it was that Terry Gilliam did the preface.

I also watched Onibaba, which I also enjoyed. Until I watched the interview and learned that he intended everything to be about sex. And everything symbolizes sex. And all the sound effects are meant to relate to sex. And sex sex blahblahblah. Seriously.. I didn't interprit reeds swaying in the wind and pigeons cooing as SEX. :O


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