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The cat is not liking his medication. He was given 3 prescriptions, but he's only getting 1 of them when he should.. lol

One was an anti-nausea drug. It's in solid form, and the tablets are cut in half for easy dosage. The cat won't take pills. It's impossible. He hasn't puked up his other medications yet, so I guess it's ok.

Another is an antibiotic to be administered once daily via dropper. This one we can do. I just force his mouth open, and squirt it all down his throat. He hates me for about 10 minutes, and it's over with.
I still don't understand what this medication is for. The vet said he had an intestinal virus, not an intestinal bacterial infection. She even said it was weird that it looked like it was viral, since most intestinal problems are from bacteria. No. Sense. I especially dont' beleive in the modern trend of over-medication when it comes to antibiotics, because it breeds nastier bugs. But... whatever :/ I'm no vet, and I want my fuzzy shithead to get better.

The last one is a tuna-flavored goop that is a laxative/ hairball medication/ "internal lubricant" (says the box) He won't take this. I have to give him a whole freaking teaspoon, twice a day. The first day, I got him to lick the first dosage right out of the spoon. Yum. Tuna laxative. The second dose, I couldn't get him to eat, so I smeared it on his feet. He freaked out and ran around the house, shaking his paws every few steps. Because I forced it on him, he ate some, but most of it ended up all over the house. Since then, I haven't been able to get him to take it. >..< The doc says she wants him cleaned out. She wants to make my cat shit a lot in hopes the virus will move it's way through.

Well.. aside from that, he got three injections, and special intestinal tract food.. which he has been reluctantly eating...
But I haven't seen him vomit in a few days, so that's a great sign. Vet bill was just over 200 bucks >..<
And I know it's going to be like another 100 for the follow up visit, if they decide to do bloodwork again.

In other news:
Saw the new batman movie today. Yay!
I don't like Christian Bale much, and the ammount of Katie Holmes nipplage at the end of the movie made me cry inside. But other than that, LOVED Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain. Sicne the latter two have signed on for a sequel, I'm excited. If just for them. Morgan Freeman has been in some pretty awful movies... but he always shines. Akuma& I were discussing this earlier. If you see a horrible movie with Morgan Freeman in it, it's just mediocre, because the main redeeming quality of the movie is that it HAD Morgan Freeman, which makes it 100 times better. <3

Got my corset in today, too.
I didn't really mention ordering it in my journal. Well, I did, but that was the emo post you were all spared back when I went to the renfest. I ordered the Sea Queen corset from Pendragon Costumes, because the work they did on Celine's costumes was amazing :) Plus, IMO, 95 bucks for a nice-fitting leather corset is not bad at all! I need to write them a happy email later, letting them know how happy I am with it. Now I just need to get to work on the rest of my costume :X Though, it is incredibly tempting to order the rest of the costume peices from them, because the Sea Queen outfit is so cool. But.. I had my own plans for the rest of my pirate costume, and I'm not wasting all that purple velvet I bought. :X

Anyway.. I'm thinking about heading down to Hastings soon and checking out the DvD releases that came out on Tues. I have no idea what released, but I wanted to go down there anyway and see if the new issue of Bizzare had been stocked yet.

Oh yeah.. and I've been getting a little burnt out on WoW lately. I renewed my iRO account last week on a whim, and I've actually been playing it lately! I really hate my priestess. I managed to get the last 20% I needed to get her to lvl 91, but I just don't think I'll be able to do it. I even joined some stupid elite PvP guild so I could have access to the dungeon. But wtf. They expect me to help twice a week on PvP, but they won't help me level??? I'm thinking about giving it another week, then quitting, because they're all bastards. I think I want to take Celine up on her offer to mess with my character, since I'm feel rather inept, and don't understand the concept of lvling to 99. Deep's stats are so messed up. I made her when the server opened. Now, so many things in the game have changed. Her build was weird in the first place, and now it's extremely dated. The best way to fix her would be to get 8 m ore levels and transcend. But I suck.


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