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My cat must hate me more then ever by now...

I took Senpu to the vet this morning. He's been vomiting a lot of food up lately. He's always been a pukey kitty. He just loves vomiting. But.. it's usually hairballs and not food. Everything else with him has been completely normal, so I really didn't notice it until I started cleaning up little kitty piles more and more frequently.
The vet said he's sick. He's got some sort of intestinal virus, but we've got medication for him now, so hopefully he'll feel better.

I hate taking him to the vet because as soon as he sees his carrier, he bolts and starts howling, and doesn't stop until he's been home at least 30 min. He hasnt' forgotten about this morning yet, either. He wont' speak to me :( He's been hiding under the bed. I can't really blame him, because normally they just poke a thermometer up his butt and stick him with his vaccinations. Today, however, he got the thermo-butt-stick as well as 3 injections for the virus, and 3 prescriptions we have to give the pukey kitty :P Poor cat.

I wsa thinking maybe I was too paranoid before I brought him in, but now I'm glad I was. We caught this bug early before it really hurt him that much.

He's going to really hate me when I have to take him up for a follow up in two weeks... >..


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