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Work sucks

Got out of work around 8:45 and almost got in a wreck on the way home. More fun than you could stand..heh. I could go on and on and on about how much music means to me. I was thinking the other day, and if I had to loose all my senses over a period of time, and the entity torturing me gave me a choice... I think I'd loose my senses in the following order..... taste, scent, touch, hearing, and finally sight. Though I love music, I think I could still humm it in my head without sound...you remember things like that... I have horrible nightmares sometimes about my eyesight, though.. I dream that I can't open my eyelids more than a sliver, and have to look at the world through slits in heavy lids... and my eyelids keep getting heavier and heavier, threatening to shut out my solid perception of the world. Sometimes I wonder....would this world be real to me without my eyesight? This question bothers me more and more as the days go by... my eyesight is pretty horrible...I'm reminded of this everytime I take my contacts out :P

In other news, I was able to speak to some old freinds last night... it was very nice until one of them got all pessimistic. I hate making up with good freinds like that only to be reminded almost immediately why I stopped talking to them. Human relationships are weird.


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